Optus named Australia’s fastest 5G network

In Australia, the 5G competition is between the big three telcos: Telstra, Optus and Vodafone, while Telstra was the first to start rolling the network out.

On the other hand, Optus wasn’t too far behind and Vodafone was the straggler of the three.

In addition, Telstra does have a largest 5G network in the country, however in a boost for Optus, its 5G network may now be the fastest 5G network in Australia.

Ookla, a global leader in fixed broadband and mobile network speed testing as well as data and analysis, issued a report showing that Optus was the fastest performing 5G network with median download speeds of 323Mbps (which was around 60 percent faster than other networks), and with the best latency result of 18 milliseconds.

To put those speeds into perspective, one of the most popular and accessible NBN speed tiers for Australian households is NBN 50 with 50Mbps maximum attainable speeds.

Ookla uses its technology to analyse internet speeds around the world. As part of the Ookla Speedtest Intelligence data from Q1–Q2 2021, in the first half of 2021, Ookla analysed over 330,000 user-initiated 5G speedtest results in Australia to analyse which network had the fastest 5G speeds.

Commenting on the results of this report, Optus Managing Director Marketing and Revenue, Matt Williams said “Last year we made a commitment to our customers that we would build Australia’s fastest 5G network and I’m proud to say we’re delivering. Speed is king when it comes to 5G and being awarded this title by Ookla firmly establishes Optus as the leader in 5G speed.”

While Optus was the second network provider to launch its 5G network, it has worked at expanding not only the network reach by building more 5G sites across Australia, but to also offer a comprehensive suite of phone and internet products with 5G access.

“For us being authentic to the true attributes of 5G has always been our focus – rather than trying to build our network the fastest. This means delivering ultra-fast 5G directly into the hands of our customers so they can benefit from uninterrupted high-definition streaming and lightning fast downloads – connecting them with technology that improves their lives on our world class network.” said Mr Williams.