Best Croatian Mobile Network goes to Croatian Telecom

Best Croatian Mobile Network goes to Croatian Telecom

Fewer than 10 network operators serve the Croatia’s mobile market, focusing on improving the average revenue per user (ARPU) by encouraging prepaid subscribers to migrate to postpaid plans, and developing revenue from customer use of mobile data services.

The confirmation that Croatian Telecom, Hrvatski Telekom is the best mobile network in Croatia was made official by Independent international analysis conducted by umlaut, formerly P3 in the Croatian market. Hrvatski Telekom has confirmed its leading position in the market by winning the ‘Best in Test’ and providing the ‘Best Broadband Coverage’.

Hrvatski Telekom is a Croatian telecommunications company and the market leader in Croatia providing a full range of telecommunication and digital services with 2,232000 customers on the mobile network and 807,000 users on the fixed line, in addition to 733,000 users registered on the broadband internet.

The findings by umlaut is an in-depth crowd-based analysis based on 44.5 million samples collected by 14.2 thousand users in 98.2 percent of the inhabited area of ​​Croatia, or 97.4 percent of the area of ​​the territory of Croatia covered by this Croatian mobile network. The analysis was conducted over a six-month period, from January to July 2020.

Adding to this accomplishment and for the second year in a row in 2020, Croatian Telecom won two Ookla awards once again – for the best mobile network coverage and for the fastest Croatian mobile network. Based on the results, the operator has proved to achieve significantly better results in mobile download speeds than other mobile operators in Croatia.

“Croatian Telecom is focused on providing customers with the best mobile network and service, and we’re proud of the Umlaut certificate and the fact that experts and users recognize us as the best Croatian mobile network. Over the last few months, society has become aware of the importance of digital infrastructure and a stable and reliable network,” said Boris Drilo, Chief Technology Officer at Croatian Telecom and Member of the Management Board. “The recognition we receive and the positive user experience are a reflection of our commitment to the continuous investment, expansion and upgrade of our mobile network and we aren’t going to just stop there, we’ll continue to further improve our infrastructure,” Drilo added.

In order to modernize and renew the telecom sector in the country, Croatian Telecom is ready for 5G and preparatory works are underway. While awaiting the distribution of the required radio frequency spectrum, the plans for 5G commercial work and usage will start.

Croatian telecom has selected Ericsson as its sole supplier of 5G Radio Access Network (RAN) products and services until 2024.