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Carrd Co: The Website Building Mutlitool

carrd co

In olden days it used to be pretty difficult to start a website. You needed to either learn to code or hire a coder, and then worry about a slew of web dev problems and compatibility issues that hindered your business development. Now, with products like WordPress, Wix, and Squarespace, and the newly popular competitor, Carrd co, building websites has never been easier.

Carrd co has been exploding in popularity lately as a go-to one page website builder. Lets explore why that is, and why so many people are choosing Carrd over other more complex website builders.

What is Carrd Exactly?

Carrd Co is a website hosting and developing service that focuses on one-page websites used for simple commercial or personal requirements. With this service you can easily create a simple website from scratch and you can also select from a variety of ready-made themes.

Basic profiles, forms, landing pages, and portfolios are all available as template possibilities. If the one-page style isn’t the best match for your purposes, some designs let you make sectioned breaks on your website.

When creating a website for a business, Carrd co templates may be utilized to create simple landing pages as well as writer or photographer work portfolios. Although they are stylish and modern, they work well for those who don’t need to provide a lot of website functionality.

What Is Carrd Used For? 

Carrd co’s adaptability is one of its main advantages. Carrd works well for a variety of web pages, including:

  • Landing pages with forms to collect email addresses.
  • Portfolio sites to display your artwork, photography, or graphics.
  • Resource pages with details and connections to other websites about a certain topic.
  • Fundraiser pages to spread awareness for a cause.

The Upside of using Carrd

Because the builder’s drag and drop capabilities are available, the user interface is simple to understand and utilize. The user guide is straightforward to follow, and it’s simple to add and rearrange content blocks and buttons across the website.

There is no need for speculation because everything is plainly labeled. With Carrd, even a beginner could effortlessly dominate a website. Even more appealing elements, including content animation, can be included.

All things Carrd, simplicity is the name of the game. It is well-liked because to its straightforward appearance and affordable pricing, although straightforward isn’t necessarily the best.

Limitations of using Carrd Co

While Carrd is great for many uses, it is a poor choice for blogging. Given that it is a one-page builder, there is not much room to fit content

Is all well and good, because most other website builders accommodate blogging perfectly well. What the market is lacking is exactly what Carrd co brings to the table: A simple one page builder for meeting simple online business needs.

Is Carrd Free to Use?

Yes, with limits. You can build up to three website pages for free and tweak them to your hearts content, and even publish them. However, when it comes time to change your domain name and or access some of the more advanced services, there are payment plans.

Carrd Co Payment Plans

Carrd Co has three payment plans, and they are not expensive at all compared to other web page builders considering what the plans include.

  • Pro Lite: $9/year and includes three sites
  • Pro Standard: $19/year and includes 10 sites.
  • Pro Plus: $49/year and includes 25 sites.

Each plan gives you access to certain features, although most people can make due with the first. More advanced features include Google Analytics, Password Protection, Meta Tags, Advanced Settings, and much more.

 With each plan, you can increase the number of sites you can publish for an added fee.

Check their Payment Plan page to see what each plan offers.


Any creator or business owner needs at least some kind of online presence in today’s digital world. Carrd co is a great web page builder for anyone with a need for any kind of simple web page, whether for artists, business owners, or portfolios owners.

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