Intelligent automation to be enhanced by Altran and Blue Planet

Intelligent automation

Companies have been trying to integrate their portfolio of technologies and the services they offer in order to improve solutions.

As such, Altran, part of Capgemini, and Blue Planet, a division of Ciena, announced a collaboration to provide network operators with intelligent automation solutions, to reduce the friction for providers that are deploying services across 5G, IoT and cloud.

Through the partnership, both companies said they would pursue co-developments across service orchestration, cloud orchestration, inventory, analytics, network assurance, OSS/BSS integration, and network automation.

How does intelligent automation work? It is the execution of the operational and functional processes involved in designing, creating and delivering an end-to-end use.

Usually, these processes were handled by domain-specific, siloed operational support systems (OSS) and tools built for static environments. The increasing integration of advanced networking technologies and automation has accelerated demand for process orchestration – a market projected to exceed $9 billion by 2025, according to Market Study Report LLP.

“Altran’s collaboration with Blue Planet enables operators to seize new service opportunities as they transform their existing infrastructure into next-generation networks that employ software-defined networking and network functions virtualization,” said Dietmar Wendt, Chief Global Sales & Portfolio Officer, Engineering and R&D at Capgemini.

“Our co-created solutions will help operators shorten time to revenue by simplifying and automating service delivery across multiple vendor ecosystems and equipment that span the WAN, data center and cloud,” he noted.

As networks become more complex due to 5G and cloud applications and services,  providers are looking to change the reputation that was built on their operational support systems (OSS) that were deployed across static environments.

Struggle of providers

While virtualization has led to improvements, providers have struggled to manage all of the elements of their virtual and physical domains.

According to a 2019 Market Study Report, the increasing integration of advanced networking technologies and automation has accelerated the demand for process orchestration, which is a market projected to exceed $9 billion by 2025.

Blue Planet’s Intelligent Automation Portfolio is an open software suite that gives service providers insights into their network to optimize business processes, reduce costs and improve the customer experience. Blue Planet said its platform was purpose-built for closed-loop automation.

It combines multi-domain service orchestration and inventory federation with analytics and assurance.

As a result of their solutions, service delivery across multiple vendor systems will be simplified and automated, enabling operators to monetize their investments faster.