Nokia’s Zero Drive Test solution to help 3 Indonesia boost network capability and customer experience

Nokia’s Zero Drive Test solution to help 3 Indonesia boost network capability and customer experience

Telecom operators often search for better ways to offer their users enhanced services, while also  developing tools to reduce costs and increase effectiveness.

Nokia has announced that it is working with 3 Indonesia (the first Nokia customer in the Asia Pacific and Japan region), to enhance and expand its LTE network coverage and capacity to meet customer demand via a new Zero Drive Test solution.

What is this solution about? Zero Drive Test solution is 100 percent automated, replacing manual drive testing.

Second, it delivers more detailed insights on network performance and helps reduce CO2 emissions.

Zero Drive Test reduces CO2 emissions by replacing manual drive tests which is the typical method of assessing network coverage, capacity and quality, according to Nokia’s official press release. “It is 100% automated, enabling 3 Indonesia to acquire detailed insights on network performance and enhance user experience.”

Biswas Prosad, Head of Customer Team for Indonesia at Nokia, said, “This is an important development which will help 3 Indonesia to assess the performance of their network and use the data and insights to make informed decisions and changes that will enhance the experience of their customers. It will also deliver substantial savings, as well as being another example of our commitment to sustainability and zero emission products.”

In addition, the solution permits mobile operators to transform their network, service and business operations through the use of AI and automation, helping them to predict and resolve network issues and improve the customer experience.

Nokia’s solution can identify the experience for subscribers inside buildings, or contrast performance in the same location at different times of the day.

“With increasing data demand and subscriber growth, together with Nokia, we continue to strengthen our network capability to effectively enhance our user experience. The implementation of the Zero Drive Test solution keeps us focused on delivering the best quality network for our customers,” said Desmond Cheung, CTO of 3 Indonesia.