Peru and Colombia to broaden scope of IoT

Peru and Colombia to broaden scope of IoT

In the recent years, industries have recognized the value of connecting devices and objects to the internet in order to improve the efficiency of different processes. IoT refers to a collection of connected devices that have the ability to communicate and exchange data, without the need for human involvement. This presents a wealth of opportunities for businesses looking to boost productivity.

There are now 620 IoT platform vendors in 2020, up from 450 in 2017, according to the IoT Platform Competitive Landscape & Database 2020 report. “The top 10 providers had 58% market share in 2019, compared to 44% for the top 10 in 2016 and the leading providers continue to grow at 40%+.”

By 2022, there will be 28.5 billion networked devices, while 127 new devices are connected to the internet every second globally.

As such, the internet of things focuses on automation, to lower operating costs and increase productivity, improve business processes, enhance customer experience, expand to new markets, and generate additional revenue streams.

While the IoT markets are expanding and growing in Colombia and Peru, Microlink, a South American telecommunications distributor, and IoT solutions specialist Kerlink have announced a partnership to bring LoRaWAN networks to the internet of things in both countries.

What is the purpose of the deal? The two companies will help customers design, deploy and run IoT networks for transport, electricity, agriculture, smart-city and other verticals, according to the Kerlink website.

In addition, the agreement includes local distribution and support for Kerlink’s LoRaWAN connectivity solutions, including design, operation and management of private IoT networks.

It will help to develop Microlink’s portfolio of products aimed at supporting its value offer for the transport and logistics, electricity, agriculture, water, metering, smart building and smart city segments.

“With more than 35 years of telecom-services experience, Microlink brings valuable knowledge of telecom and enterprise sectors and specialized technical sales and integration expertise that is especially suited for  customers’ new IoT projects,” said Carlos Briceno, VP of Kerlink Americas. “With this partnership,  Microlink also is equipped to offer full LoRaWANTM solutions in its markets, which will expand Kerlink’s footprint in South America.”

Industrial-grade network equipment, equipment for the network core, passive elements of telecommunications, and management-and-operation software supported by Kerlink’s engineers are all part of Kerlink’s complete portfolio of LoRaWAN® network solutions. Thus, Microlink will be able to develop technological applications for the rapid deployment of low-cost IoT networks to help customers operate efficiently, while conserving natural resources.