Second data center in Chile to facilitate development of AI and cloud

Second data center in Chile to facilitate development of AI and cloud

“Artificial Intelligence offers South America a long-awaited opportunity to leapfrog toward greater levels of innovation, productivity and socio-economic progress,” Armen Ovanessoff, Principal Director, Accenture Research said.

In a move to promote Chile as a digital hub in Latin America, Chinese technology giant Huawei announced it will open a second data center at the end of the year to support technological development. AI has the potential to drive economic growth in Chile and transform GDP productivity through human innovation and public sector adaptation.

“We are very happy to be launching our second Data Center in the country,” said Jason Jin, President of Huawei Cloud & AI in Chile. “This will bring many benefits to our users. It will help to provide greater security in case of a catastrophe and also allow Chile to prepare for the technological challenges to come in the future.”

Huawei’s new data center will be located in the Santiago metropolitan region, just like the first data center which opened in 2018. The new one will be operational by the end of 2020, aiming to meet increasing data demands in the country and Latin America. The move will bring added benefits and greater security to users. Moreover, it will enable the country to cope better with future technological challenges.

“Huawei Cloud” will be the only cloud instigating AI and big data services in Chile, allowing local customer data to be analyzed more quickly through AI assembling, according to the company. “The “Huawei Cloud” customer base is diverse, with a presence in the retail, finance, healthcare and education sectors.” Foreign cloud companies have been receiving invitations from Chile to locate there.

According to TechWire Asia, Huawei is focusing on expanding its Cloud platform because its other businesses are facing difficulties, following international sanctions and efforts to hinder the telco’s growth.