StarHub announces faster 5G speeds in Singapore

StarHub announces faster 5G speeds in Singapore

Faster internet speed requires high investment in infrastructure to enable customers to experience enhanced connectivity and services.

One of the ways to achieve this is to deploy 5G non-standalone networks that are built over existing 4G networks and is only limited to faster speeds, which will allow customers to enjoy some 5G benefits, such as faster mobile speeds on 5G-enabled devices.

As such, Singapore will enjoy faster 5G speeds for the first time, as StarHub said: “It will offer subscribers access to faster 5G speeds, under a six-month trial from today.”

“Our 5G signals currently cover 53 per cent of Singapore’s populated areas and will reach 70 per cent by September,” StarHub said.

In addition, the six-month trial is open to consumers who have signed up for StarHub’s three Mobile+ plans and own a 5G-enabled phone.

StarHub’s early 5G trial will run until Feb 16, 2021.

Minister of Communications and Information S Iswaran said, last June, that “Singapore is on track to deploy two nationwide 5G standalone networks by 2025, after Singtel and a joint venture by StarHub and M1 were issued final awards to operate networks here.” Therefore, consumers are not getting the full 5G experience yet.

However, the network will offer the full suite of 5G benefits such as much lower latency, the ability to connect many more devices, and a further boost to network speeds.

Infocomm Media Development Authority (IMDA) said “It would be work closely with mobile network operators to develop a regulatory framework that ensures a smooth transition from non-standalone networks to the standalone ones.”

“Given the broad and infinite possibilities of 5G, we are eager for our customers to catch an early glimpse into the ultra-fast speed and ultra-low-latency upgrades that will empower hundreds of thousands of consumers, enterprises, government clients and Singapore,” said StarHub chief of consumer business group Johan Buse.