The Risks and Benefits Virtual Reality Presents to Society

The Risks and Benefits Virtual Reality Presents to Society

If accomplished correctly, Virtual Reality (VR) stands to induce profound biological and physiological impacts. Your body and mind acknowledge you are experiencing a particular moment. 

VR is a computer-produced setting with objects and scenes that seem to be real, which lets the user feel they are absorbed in their surroundings. This environment is seen through a device known as a VR helmet or headset. 

Many compelling positives come from VR’s fundamental concept of presence. Improved entertainment is one of them. 

Risks Associated with Virtual Reality

While tech experts declared 2016 as “The Year of VR,” there was no debate on the safety and health risks associated with strapping a VR headset over your eyes. 

When people are engaged in a visualized environment, health risks could impact their emotional and physical well-being. Here are some of them: 

1. Anxiety 

The immersive nature of augmented and virtual reality can generate anxiety or stress after wearing an occlusion headset for more than a few minutes. 

VR can get in waves of emotions more than just watching videos or looking at photos, depending on what images they see. VR footage depicting the war in Syria can make the viewer feel stressed, fearful, and shocked. 

It can take time to get over this anxiety because the viewers experience everything as if they were there in the scene. 

2. Nausea 

Many people who wear VR headsets complain of nausea and dizziness. Its natural fake motions can impact a person’s perception of space and time and induce nausea, fatigue, or wooziness. 

A study by UCLA Keck Center for Neurophysics demonstrated damaging side effects of VR among lab rats, including “cybersickness” and irregular patterns of activity inside rat brains.  

Scientists noted that 60 percent of the rats’ neurons shut down in virtual reality environments. 

3. Eyestrain 

The headsets can generate severe eye strain among users. They strain their eyes to concentrate on a pixelated screen that employs a single refractive optic element. Headsets do not usually manage the optic issues with near-to-eye devices, and they become irritated after a few minutes. 

Headset engineers must uncover a method to preserve a large field of view (FoV) for the users. Humans usually have a lot of view of 200 degrees, involving 140 degrees of binocular vision for deep perception and 60 degrees for peripheral vision. 

Virtual reality absolute privacy and security risks are a critical issue regarding the data of the user when using the VR set for the fact that the data and activities fulfilled are present and float on a cloud, meaning they are in constant threat of getting hacked and stolen, leading to measures being taken to protect the data. 

How Does Virtual Reality Benefit Society? 

The empowerment of human experience through VR is a turning point in human history, as it helps societies in many ways, including medicine. 

VR for pain management is one of the most-used technology applications and best-studied. Doctors have apprehended during the years that this technological “distraction therapy” is an effective tool to combat pain and the fear of pain. 

“Pain is a perception connected to your attention, mood and emotions,” explains Thomas Caruso, MD, a pediatric anesthesiologist at Lucile Packard Children’s Hospital Stanford and professor of anesthesiology perioperative and pain medicine at Stanford School of Medicine. 

“With VR, we can help adjust a patient’s mindset to be less focused on anxiety and pain,” says Caruso, who is a co-founder of CHARIOT (Childhood Anxiety Reduction through Innovation and Technology), Lucile Packard’s immersive technology program in which more than 150 patients a month use VR as part of their treatment. 

The benefits of virtual reality in business

Consumers can Test Products Before Purchasing‍ 

One of the most famous benefits of virtual reality in business has been that it permits customers to share products at brick-and-mortar outlets using a headset with glasses that produces a 360-degree experience.  

This simulation provides a wealth of details for the shopper to examine. Every local marketing vendor should be informed about the possibilities of connecting consumers with products through VR engagement. The “try before you buy” strategy has been proven to drive sales. 

Employs Medical Professionals with Powerful Insights into Patients‍ 

Physicians were among the first experts to test VR technology, while hospitals were at first reluctant to support such cultivated equipment because of what seemed to be an intense learning curve.  

VR technology became easier to understand and use with time while delivering doctors a fortune of patient data that wasn’t attainable last century. This complete view of the human anatomy is used to help physicians perform surgeries and assist patients in undergoing rehabilitation therapy. 

It is worth mentioning that it’s estimated that one in 11 people will be diagnosed with posttraumatic stress disorder (PTSD) in their lifetime, with new VR technology providing hope for the recovery of those suffering.            

Benefits of Virtual Reality in Education include assembling and editing VR projects without programming skills. 

Easy integration across platforms and software: VR, PC, and smartphones 

How virtual reality encourages risk-taking is by permitting the experience of a person in a difficult situation and the activation of high-reliability mental procedures and behaviors due to the possibility of immersion. 

In addition, VR environments permit users to participate in a signified learning experience, primarily through physical interchanges. 


Every technology has its benefits and risks associated with how people use it. However, VR will have a long-term impact on people’s lives by changing it completely. 

Can you imagine sitting home with your VR set on and working, walking in the park, flying amongst other activities, just from home?

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