Xinfengming's 5G smart manufacturing platform updated by ZTE, China Mobile

Xinfengming's 5G smart manufacturing platform updated by ZTE, China Mobile

ZTE Corporation, a major international provider of telecommunications, enterprise and consumer technology solutions for the Mobile Internet, in partnership with China Mobile, upgraded Xinfengming Group’s 5G smart manufacturing, following the completion of the test and verification of the “i – wireless 5G intelligent and one-stop local network” project.  

Aiming to better serve manufacturing with 5G technologies and to offer enterprises with flexible and fast local services, ZTE, China Mobile Research Institute and the Zhejiang Branch of China Mobile have teamed up to provide industrial parks with an innovative solution.

The technology feature functions of PRB resources reserved hard slicing, intelligent and simple local distribution, EdgeQoS service management and control, and enterprise self-service portal, based on the concept of i- wireless 5G intelligence and simplification.

The NodeEngine solution is simple to deploy, quick to commission and excellent in performance and cost effectiveness, the company said.

Leveraging ZTE’s NodeEngine solution, the Xinfengming 5G smart manufacturing platform has been upgraded to accelerate the comprehensive digital transformation. This is the first commercial deployment of NodeEngine solution by ZTE and China Mobile.

ZTE’s NodeEngine solution also serves as an exclusive local O&M portal for enterprises, with which, the network can be dynamically adjusted to satisfy different application requirements. Meanwhile, the network performance can be viewed in real time, thereby ensuring flexible management and control.

In addition, ZTE’s NodeEngine solution provides sophisticated EdgeQoS management and control that with the QoS requirements of local services can be intelligently identified and distributed through edge AI to trigger network adjustment parameters to match service requirements.

On the other hand, according to the service model, the resources such as bandwidth, latency and reliability are dynamically scheduled to match and guarantee real-time requirements, thus realizing differentiated local network services.

Through the sophisticated management and control of EdgeQoS, networks can truly be flexibly adjusted according to services, greatly improving the perception of private network services and the efficiency of network resources.

Committed to empowering traditional industries with 5G, ZTE has made remarkable achievements in 5G industrial manufacturing. Besides the Xinfengming Group digital transformation, the Nanjing Binjiang Smart Manufacturing Base and Changsha Smart Factory, developed by ZTE also, have become the models in the industry.

In addition, ZTE has built standard 5G applications together with leading manufacturers such as SANY Group and SUPCON.

Moving forward, ZTE will be committed to helping industrial manufacturing develop towards a green, low-carbon, digital, and intelligent future.