Top 5 tech tips when working from home

working from home

While more companies around the world continue to implement remote working from home measures amid the coronavirus outbreak, it can be a challenge to adapt to work obligations using your existing home tech facilities. Inside Telecom offers 5 tech tips to optimize the work-from-home experience.

1.) WiFi performance is key

The quality/stability of your WiFi at home, will determine how efficient you are at delivering tasks. Oftentimes, an overuse of devices in one space can slow down the internet speed, causing delays and further frustrations. Poor positioning of your wireless router can weaken signal strength. Be mindful of whether the gap between router and computer is obstructed by many floors and walls, which can interfere (in varying levels) with your signal. Instead, place your router in a more centralized location so that all (or most) rooms can access better quality signal. Experts suggest, that if, despite the changes, you’re still experiencing poor internet speeds, perhaps try placing your router up high in a central location. Avoid areas with lots of windows (glass) or (metal) appliances that may cause interference such as the ones found in a kitchen.

2.) Upgrade your current internet

Since home has become your new office space, it comes highly recommended to check the level of service you currently have with your ISP – if you have not already done so. You will want to know your package plan upload and download speeds, especially if your work demands frequent interaction and team-oriented tasks, which may comprise of teleconferencing, large file sharing and other bandwidth-demanding tasks.

3.) Choose the right accessories

Most computers have a good quality built-in camera which enables for a satisfactory video call experience. Inevitably, working from home will mean more frequent video calls with your team. Visual interaction improves the quality of collaboration, which is why a good web-cam and headset is a must-have for those working from home. If you want to enhance your home-work experience, purchase a good quality a webcam or headset.

4.) Computer virus detox

Malware can take up bandwidth and send virus-ridden emails and other infectious information to people you are corresponding with, which may cause disruption to your internet. Signs your computer has a virus include, slow internet speed, sporadic pop-up messages, programs starting by themselves. To remove the malware, turn your computer off and on, enter Safe Mode, delete old files and download a virus scanner that ranks in the ‘top programs’ category. If your computer is causing you grief, despite the modifications, call an expert. 

5.) Charging station for multiple devices

How many times have you interrupted your workflow because of ‘low battery’ on one of your devices? At times, we may find ourselves rummaging through our bags (or in this case, the entire house) to find a smartphone charger. Time is of the essence and to reduce workflow disruption and increase productivity, invest in a charging station for multiple devices. It’s OK to still use your existing laptop charger, but too many chargers will mean that you’ll constantly be switching things in and out of wall sockets. Our tip also minimizes cord chaos on your desk!