Ethical Tech

Privacy Issues in IT

In our current era, data and information are becoming an increasingly crucial element in our daily life. Be it as an individual or a customer, your data is vital. The right to privacy is essential for you to understand and protect. IT can gain visibility into all your data infrastructure within an evolving technology landscape. […]

OnlyFans Piracy

Based in the U.K, OnlyFans is an internet content subscription service launched in 2016. It has the same premises as Patreon but with fewer restrictions. While Patreon only allows art nudity without touching oneself or others, OnlyFans is lenient with an everything-goes mentality within reason. Subsequently, the service has been used chiefly by sex workers […]

Technologies Ethical Dilemmas

Humanity is taking leaps in technology at a rapid pace. Each day we are advancing more than the day before, but with such a tremendous technological dawn happening, it paves the way for technologies ethical dilemmas to happen. Such dilemmas face humanity as we ponder our existence among such technological revolutions. As we reflect on […]

Forbes TikTok

In the age of social media, it is difficult to differentiate when an individual excessively shares on their social platforms. Yet sharing our personal information is not always within our control. The Forbes TikTok conflict started on October 20, 2022, when the leading business magazine published an article accusing TikTok’s parent company, ByteDance, of taking […]

Ethical Companies

Companies invest decades in improving their reputation and uphold ethical practices. A single scandal or a corrupt corporate culture, however, might permanently harm the company’s reputation. In other cases a company might strive to build a certain brand but in the background could be deeply involved in unethical practices. In this article we are going […]

Employee Monitoring Ethical Issues

Technology has made it easy for companies to monitor their employees to optimize their work performance. By implementing various ways to keep track of their employees’ activities, such surveillance can ensure that said employees are completing their work to the highest standards. Yet, this raises one fundamental question: When can this go too far? And […]

Racism in Facial Recognition Technology

Facial recognition is everywhere, even if we are not aware of it. In its most abstract form, this innovation is surrounding us and keeping track of every move, fueled by one thing, face recognition technology algorithm. But can algorithms discriminate? What if algorithms used in artificial intelligence (AI) are simply beneficial as the data adopted […]

ethical issues in biometrics

What is biometric identification? It is the process through which unique biological characteristics are used in biometric identification to recognize and validate a person. These characteristics can be found in facial traits, eye structures, DNA, fingerprint patterns, and even handwriting. All this data that can be gathered on an individual inevitably brings up the ethical […]