Why National Security, Of Course 

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Piece by Piece, They Collected Our Whole Lives

The U.S. government's data collection plan worked with the support of its allies, putting together every bit of our lives.

How Governments Made Us into Weapons

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Nokia to Replace Huawei in 3000 Deutsche Telekom Cites 

Nokia has been selected to replace Huawei at 3000 Deutsche Telekom sites across Germany, following a re-entry for the Finnish telecom giant.

Why Song Psychic?  Why Not?

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Editor's Choice

Editor's ChoiceIronic that Next Year’s Biggest Oscar Contender Takes Place in a Galaxy where AI is Forbidden

Dune Part 2 Hits the Big Screen Today After a delay of four months, the much anticipated second part of Denis Villeneuve’s Dune arrives in cinemas today. It’s fair to say that Dune Part 2 cannot be tied down to one genre, and that is one of the reasons both the book and the earlier […]

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Editor's ChoiceA Sports Car EV Is Like Trying to Mix Oil and Water. Discuss

There’s a Ferrari that drives down my road every night at about six in the evening. There is both a high-pitched howl and a deeper base note to the exhaust noise as it changes gear adjacent to my house. Every evening, the same gear change at the same spot. I use the word ‘noise’ a […]

Editor's ChoiceIs the Value of a Boeing Share Greater than the Value of a Human Life?

Editor's ChoiceVLEO and the Art of Kissing Your Privacy Goodbye

We’re all too aware that our privacy is being eroded by the power of technology coupled with the insistence of people who want us to buy things. I personally thought that IoT (Internet of Things) was probably going to be disassembling of our last vestige of solitude. By 2030, there’ll be almost 30 million machines […]

Editor's ChoiceIntroducing the Comac 919, aka China’s Impeccable Sense of Timing

Editor's ChoiceBig Tech Guardians of the Truth in Upcoming Elections?

Who’s Kidding Who? We’ve been seeing a lot of media attention recently about OpenAI, Google, Anthropic and Meta putting limits on AI to protect the electoral process this year, so that the ‘will of the people shall be served’ (jeez, I nearly typed ‘severed’ there!). OpenAI will stop its tools from pretending to be human, […]

Editor's ChoiceHow the UK Recession Will Effect Telecoms