Let’s Talk About Online Privacy: What Puts Us in Most Danger? 

Online Privacy

Our conscious decisions to share personal information online pose a greater risk to our online privacy and security than the technology itself.  It was a beautiful summer day, and I was happily scrolling through my social media feed, sharing updates about my life with friends and family. Little did I know that my seemingly innocent […]<

Even MacBooks and iPhones Can Catch a Virus

Even MacBooks and iPhones, despite being known for their security, are not impervious to viruses and malware.<

Enhancing Search Engine: Google's Personalization Strategy 

Google, the leading search engine, has consistently focused on improving user experience by providing personalized search results. Recognizing the unique preferences and interests of each user, Google has implemented a comprehensive personalization strategy to deliver highly relevant and tailored search experiences. By leveraging sophisticated algorithms, machine learning technologies, and localized data, Google aims to create […]<


If There’s a Big Idea, Your Business Won’t Stay Small for Long


The giant corporations that now dominate our attention weren’t always the juggernauts you see today. They were once small businesses hoping to find the right opportunity to break through. The success stories of many small businesses becoming huge enterprises can teach us many things and inspire us to not view the size of the companies with […]<

The European Tech Startups: Between a Rock and a Hard Place

The European tech startups have found themselves at a standstill amid the worst banking crisis since 2008. The banking sector is in its worst shape since the 2008 financial crisis. It is causing irreparable damage to every sector. And even though the main failure is on a different continent, the European tech startups are caught […]<

Tech Startups: Boosting US DoD Innovation or Fueling Global Tensions? 

The US Department of Defense (DoD) has turned to tech startups to modernize its operations, leading to cutting-edge technologies such as AI, cybersecurity, and unmanned systems. However, concerns have been raised about the implications of such partnerships, particularly in terms of compromising national security and fueling a new arms race with global powers like China […]<

Startups Need More from Us

In a contracting core market, historical actors look to startups to speed up and boost their capacity for innovation. While internet access and mobile communications are still Telco’s critical sources of income at the moment, long-term growth will focus on services like lodging, data storage, security, and cloud technology. Startups are creating solutions that should […]<


Technological Echoes of Ancient Civilizations

Unveiling the mysteries of ancient civilizations: Discover the remarkable technological advancements that shaped our past.

Editor's ChoiceThe Grey-listing of Lebanon. A Bark Worse than its Bite

Citizens, grey-listing, informal economy, Lebanon

This article provides insights on the recently announced grey-listing of a country already beset by banking issues, and the expected backlash of social and economic uncertainty.

Software Development: Innovation for Business and Beyond

Explore concepts in software development and their impact on modern businesses. From agile development to emerging trends.

The Real Deal About Saudi's First Woman in Space

Saudi's First Woman in Space, Saudi Arabia, Woman, Space, Science, Scientist, Breast Cancer research

The story of Rayyanah Barnawi, Saudi Arabia's first woman in space, goes beyond her historic journey to the International Space Station.


Editor's Choice

Editor's ChoiceFreshTech: A Revolution in Insurance Brokerage

FreshTech, Dubai, South Africa, Mont Blanc Financial Services, Finance, FinTech

This article is about FreshTech, an exciting new tool for financial services, pioneered in South Africa and now being promoted in Dubai.

Editor's ChoiceChatGPT: Technology’s First Major Tipping Point Since 1941?

ChatGPT, Intelligent Tech, OpenAI, Artificial Intelligence, Cloud computing, Alan Turing, Social Media

Discover the incredible ChatGPT productivity benefits, saving hours of time and revolutionizing coding processes. Unlock its power now!

Editor's ChoiceThe Grey-listing of Lebanon. A Bark Worse than its Bite

Citizens, grey-listing, informal economy, Lebanon

This article provides insights on the recently announced grey-listing of a country already beset by banking issues, and the expected backlash of social and economic uncertainty.


seamless 2023, Fintech, Future, Technology, dubai, mymonty,

Today, Dubai opened its doors for the digital era as Seamless 2023 welcomed attendees, exhibitors, and speakers from all around the globe.

Editor's ChoiceChina’s Neutral Stance. Silent Dominance?

China in Russia-Ukraine war, China, Russia, Ukraine, Russia and Ukraine War, Ukraine War, Politics, Geopolitics

Unveiling China's role in the Russia-Ukraine War: Exploring its neutral stance and its impact on global dynamics and power relations.

Editor's ChoiceTake A Look in the Mirror. The Greatest Technology of All Will Stare Back at You

Technology, Digital Transformation, Corporate Remodeling, Innovation, Innovative Solutions, Sizakele Marutlulle, greatest technology

Dr. Sizakele Marutlulle revolutionizes corporate remodeling through social impact design, with the power of purpose-driven transformation.

Editor's ChoiceAre We Sacrificing Ethics for Innovation?

Ethics, AI, AI Ethics, AI Technology, AI Innovation, Ethical Innovation, Ethic of Technology

What are the ethics of AI? The Dilemma of Sustainability and Human Values in the Rise of Artificial Intelligence.

Editor's ChoiceChatGPT: Welcome Back, Frankenstein

AI language bots, ChatGPT, AI, Intelligent Technology, Artificial Intelligence, OpenAI, InsideTelecom, US Congress, Hearing on AI

Unleashing the power of AI language bots: Exploring the impact and concerns surrounding AI language bots like ChatGPT.

Editor's ChoiceFirst Republic Bank Collapse

Banking, Finance, First Republic Bank, Bank Collapse, cryptocurrency, CBDC, US, Dollar Crisis

Will First Republic Bank Collapse be a catalyst for a new digital banking system? Will it be linked to the rise of CBDC and cryptocurrencies.

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