The Sassy AI Makeover Your Beloved Assistant Craved 

Amazon, Alexa, Generative AI, Virtual assistant, Artificial intelligence, Tech news, Amazon Echo, Voice assistant, Smart home, AI development

Kids + Fortnite + Spending? Keep an Eye Out, Parents 

Mom and Dad, be aware: Your kids may be spending money on Fortnite without your permission. Time to protect your children's privacy.

Huawei Commits to AI at the Huawei Connect Event

connect event, huawei, china, U.S.

iOS 17 Is Ready for You, and the Most Important Feature Is that It Drains Your Battery

Apple has dropped a new fresh update, and this time, the latest software update hold secrets. Let's dive into the iOS 17 features.

Aware the Cost of Google Ads Rose in Secret?

cost of google ads, google, ads, advertising, antitrust

Editor's Choice

Editor's ChoiceIndia’s Impressive Growth is Happening One Citizen at a Time

India has been stealing the headlines in the last month. The success of Chandrayaan-3 in showing the world how to colonize the moon has shown the country in a light the world many have suspected, but never seen before. The fact that China’s Xi Jinping wouldn’t meet with Narendas Modi at the recent BRICS summit […]

Editor's ChoiceNASA Telescopes’ Imagery Should Stir Something Profound in all of Us

Editor's ChoiceHey European Apple iPhone 12 Users. You’re All Going to Die!

Sacre bleu! The French have all but banned the iPhone 12 because the radiation it, um, radiates is an intolerable .7 watts over the EU standard of 4 watts. Electromagnetic radiation is measured in wattage absorbed by every kilogram of human. Anyway, 4.7 watts is the amount of radiation absorbed by the body when using […]

Editor's ChoiceFrom Individuality to Uniformity. How Brands like Apple Moved from Loyalty to Tribalism

Editor's Choice“Tell the kids I’ll be gone. But my love will never be gone.”

9/11 Remembered “Holy s***, John! Some maniac just flew his plane into the World Trade Center.” This was the first of a few voice messages I received from an American woman on that awful September day twenty two years ago today. Two messages later, there was no outrage or confusion in her voice. All I […]

Editor's ChoiceIs Mohammed Bin Salman the Most Powerful Leader in the World Right Now?

Editor's ChoiceX Moves in on LinkedIn’s Turf

X, formerly known as Twitter, is to collect users’ biometric data which includes education and job history. In its quest to become the ‘everything’ app, moving in on LinkedIn’s turf is the first step. And it’sgoing to make it so much more than just a first contact point between prospect and employer. Both parties will […]

Editor's ChoiceRest Easy, Mr.Turing