Recharging Our Devices from Ambient Light?

Indoor Light Charging Recharging our Devices from 'Indoor Light Charging'?

California start-up Ambient Photonics has created a solar cell which collects energy from indoor spaces in low-light conditions to recharge devices.

It seems that’s a ‘charging’ day, here in Inside telecom, from the Chinese nuclear coin-like battery to this solar cell technology, the indoor light charging. It’s two faced, meaning that it can absorb light from both sides, increasing absorption efficiency.

“Its previous cells were only single-sided, with the rear side providing 50% additional energy on top of the 100% efficiency of the front-facing side,” stated Live Science.

Organic Dye

The technology uses organic dye molecules to work in converting light into electricity; it’s an indoor light charging thing. Anyone draw any similarities? Anything?

Do you remember that Biology class, where the teacher used to explain the photosynthesis process, drawing a fake Sun on the board with the yellow rays immerging? Well, yes that’s it. The inspiration has come from the photosynthesis process in plants.

“In a dye sensitized solar cell, the amount of electrical power produced depends on how effectively the photons are absorbed by the dye,” Joshua Wright, vice president of engineering at Ambient Photonics, told Live Science in an email.

Google-Plant Partnership

The Californian startup has partnered with Google. I think it’s a smart move from Google because the technology behind it eliminates the need for batteries in the everyday used electronics, alleviating waste and thus providing sustainability. Especially for limited access to sunlight locations.

It seems that Google is driving a futuristic shift with its new plant inspired implementation, transforming its products to a charge differential allowing electricity to flow. With this matchless power density, which is up to three times greater with respect to the power density of that of the conventional indoor silicon solar cells.

The fact that if your batteries are dead, the new solar cell technology is here to save you from such chaotic situations. “Through ground-breaking scientific research, we created new molecules in our labs that are used in our proprietary process to absorb photons from real-world low artificial and natural light sources and convert them into energy,” said Ambient Photonics.

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