‘Chubs’ Takes the Virtual World by Storm 

 A start-up CreativeHub Global introduces the first virtual Influencer Chubs from Sri Lanka, revolutionizing digital engagement and global collaborations.  In a groundbreaking move, Sri Lankan tech start-up Creative Hub Global has unveiled the country’s first-ever virtual influencer named ‘Chubs’. With a substantial following on Instagram and LinkedIn, Chubs has effortlessly immersed herself in the expansive […]

An Unreal Innovation to Home Buying and Selling

Unreal Estate, a company at the forefront of real estate innovation. Is transforming the traditional home buying and selling process through artificial intelligence (AI). With its technology and forward-thinking approach. Unreal Estate is offering a seamless, efficient, and highly personalized journey for both buyers and sellers.  Unleashing the Potential of AI:  Firstly, unreal Estate harnesses […]

If There’s a Big Idea, Your Business Won’t Stay Small for Long

The giant corporations that now dominate our attention weren’t always the juggernauts you see today. They were once small businesses hoping to find the right opportunity to break through. The success stories of many small businesses becoming huge enterprises can teach us many things and inspire us to not view the size of the companies with […]

The European Tech Startups: Between a Rock and a Hard Place

The European tech startups have found themselves at a standstill amid the worst banking crisis since 2008. The banking sector is in its worst shape since the 2008 financial crisis. It is causing irreparable damage to every sector. And even though the main failure is on a different continent, the European tech startups are caught […]

Tech Startups: Boosting US DoD Innovation or Fueling Global Tensions? 

The US Department of Defense (DoD) has turned to tech startups to modernize its operations, leading to cutting-edge technologies such as AI, cybersecurity, and unmanned systems. However, concerns have been raised about the implications of such partnerships, particularly in terms of compromising national security and fueling a new arms race with global powers like China […]