‘Chubs’ Takes the Virtual World by Storm 

credits to CreativeHub

 A start-up CreativeHub Global introduces the first virtual Influencer Chubs from Sri Lanka, revolutionizing digital engagement and global collaborations.

  • Chubs, the virtual influencer, breaks geographical boundaries, allowing for worldwide community engagement and global partnerships.
  • CreativeHub Global’s innovative creation marks a significant milestone in Sri Lanka’s tech industry, showcasing the nation’s commitment to pushing the boundaries of digital innovation.

 In a groundbreaking move, Sri Lankan tech start-up Creative Hub Global has unveiled the country’s first-ever virtual influencer named ‘Chubs’. With a substantial following on Instagram and LinkedIn, Chubs has effortlessly immersed herself in the expansive metaverse, captivating audiences with her imaginative adventures that transcend reality. 

Chubs symbolizes the entirety of Sri Lanka’s continuously evolving technological ecosystem, signifying the nation’s first steps towards a future where technology takes center stage. Chubs’ creative goes beyond capturing the attention of local audiences; she aims to expand her reach globally, connecting with diverse communities around the world through her creative and whimsical content. 

The brainchild behind the creation of Chubs is the innovative and creative team at Creative Hub Global, a dynamic techs startup boasting a talented workforce of over 75 employees. Guided by their visionary founder and CEO, Irosha de Silva, the company is committed to disruptive innovation and pushing the boundaries of what is possible in the digital realm. 

The emergence of virtual influencers has revolutionized the world of marketing and social media. These digitally created personas have gained tremendous popularity worldwide, attracting millions of followers and collaborations with renowned brands. Chubs’ arrival into this sphere introduces Sri Lanka to this exciting new dimension, placing the nation on the map of digital innovation. 

Speaking about the launch of Chubs, Irosha de Silva, the CEO of Creative Hub Global, expressed his enthusiasm, saying, “Chubs has been inspiring audiences, not just locally but globally, with her imaginative adventures that transcend reality. More than a mere influencer, she embodies our continuously evolving technological ecosystem and paves the way for a future where technology takes center stage.” 

Chub’s virtual existence provides her creators with unparalleled flexibility in crafting her image and persona. This advantage enables Creative Hub Global to experiment with innovative storytelling techniques and tailor Chubs’ adventures to resonate with a wide range of audiences. 

With her virtual nature, Chubs transcends the limitations of the physical presence, allowing her to appear in various locations simultaneously. This unique characteristic opens doors to collaborations and partnerships on a global scale, as communities worldwide can be engaged with by her, irrespective of geographical boundaries. 

As Chubs continues to gain traction and expand her reach, Creative Hub Global is set to leverage her influence to promote Sri Lanka’s burgeoning tech sector. The company envisions Chubs as a catalyst for attracting investment and fostering partnerships with international tech giants, positioning Sri Lanka as a hub for innovation and digital entrepreneurship. 

As the Virtual Influencer Chubs from Sri Lanka embarks on her virtual journey, the world eagerly awaits her next whimsical escapade and the impact she will have on the global influencer landscape. Creative Hub Global’s pioneering endeavor sets the stage for a new era of digital innovation, propelling Sri Lanka into the forefront of the technological revolution. 

In the words of Chubs herself, “Together, we can explore the limitless possibilities of the metaverse and create a world where imagination knows no bounds.” 

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