Grace Abi Faraj

The Importance of Telecoms in Shaping Global Policies

In a world where technology plays a crucial role in shaping international relationships, telecoms have emerged as a powerful tool for governments to impose sanctions and restrict access to communication services. In today’s connected world, telecoms provide a direct link between individuals, organizations, and countries. Therefore, its makes it easier for governments to enforce their […]

Digging Deep into the Government Regulations on NFT

The rise of Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) has generated much excitement in digital assets. Still, it has also raised concerns about their potential for misuse in illicit activities such as money laundering. In response to these concerns, governments worldwide have begun to examine the regulations of NFTs, seeking to balance the benefits of these tokens with […]

Ensuring Data Protection in a Dynamic Cyber Environment

Just imagine that you can no longer access your email or use the internet; this is a small glimpse of the cyber-attacks that telecoms are facing nowadays. The continuous involvement of technology in our daily lives makes distributed denial services (DDoS) attacks something forcibly enacted. No one is immune to the security threats which raised […]

A 20-year Time Capsule Throughout the Evolution of Telecommunication

Traveling back in time and setting our sights on the year 2003. The world was a vastly different place then. The internet was becoming a necessity, and cell phones were still a luxury. Fast forward 20 years, and we find ourselves in a world transformed by technology. The telecommunications industry has undergone a remarkable evolution, […]

Health on Demand: The Benefits of Chatbots in Medicine

People had difficulty meeting their healthcare needs ten years ago because healthcare was constantly changing. However, an AI with the ability to assist, called chatbot, eventually appeared. With its advanced AI technology and friendly demeanor, it became the go-to companion for anyone needing quick and accurate health information. The job of the chatbot is to […]

Which Country will be the First to Accelerate Its Growth Through 5G?

It’s an obvious matter rather than a prediction or analysis! As we come across the last days of the first month of this year, many things become clear. This is the year when 5G technology will finally be adopted by many countries worldwide. It’s easy to get excited about this new technology and its potential […]

What's Cooking Between eSIMs and Blockchain Technology

We often think of blockchain technology as the hidden power behind cryptocurrency transactions. But what if I told you that these secured networks also support some of our most cutting-edge technologies? eSIMs, electronic SIM cards, can now be powered by a decentralized blockchain system. The future of mobile technology is eSIMs supported by blockchains. These […]

The Increasing Challenges of Cyber Security

what are the challenges in cyber security

While technology is helping organizations optimize their operations through various innovative means, the number of cyber security threats companies must deal with has grown. Who hasn’t heard about ransomware, phishing attacks, malware attacks, and such? More importantly, who hasn’t asked the question, what are the challenges in cyber security realms? The only thing more valuable […]

Transcending Fiction: The Real-World Impact of Avatar's AI in the Field of Medicine


Are you ready to dive into the world of cutting-edge technology and the future of medicine? Researchers are using motion capture technology, similar to the one used to bring characters to life in films. For example, in Avatar 2 they used it to track the progression of diseases that affect movement with the help of […]

AI Networking: The Future of Seamless Connectivity

Imagine a world where networks are sentient, self-healing, and self-optimizing. Where traffic flows seamlessly, and security threats are a thing of the past. This reality is the future of networking with AI, and it’s an exciting one. Artificial Intelligence (AI) has been making waves in various industries, and the networking world is no exception. With […]