Grace Abi Faraj

Ethical AI in MedTech

Have you ever wondered how artificial intelligence (AI) algorithms are shaping the field of medical technology? Trust me, the advancements are incredible, but as a curious mind, I thought about it: How do we ensure these algorithms uphold ethical standards and prioritize patient safety? Well, my friend, the answer lies in transparency and accountability. In […]

UAE Launches 20kg Satellite: A Space Revolution? 

UAE and UN launch 20kg satellite to revolutionize space access for start-ups and nations, marking a significant milestone in their joint initiative.  In a groundbreaking collaboration, the United Arab Emirates (UAE) and the United Nations (UN) are set to launch a 20kg satellite, marking a significant milestone in their joint initiative to provide access to […]

Will YouTube Dominate the Play? 

YouTube Playables gaming expansion, a new product offering access to online games, as part of its expansion beyond video hosting, aiming to enhance user engagement and diversify revenue streams.  Today, YouTube, the popular video hosting platform owned by Google, is venturing into the realm of online gaming with its latest internal testing of a product […]

Google and Meta Must Pay for News: Canadian Senate's Verdict 

The Canada Senate bill mandates compensation for news content from tech giants, signaling a significant step towards fairness in the digital news landscape. This Thursday, Canada’s Senate has passed a bill that mandates Google and Meta, formerly known as Facebook, to pay media outlets for the news content they share or repurpose on their platforms. […]

US-China Tech Clash, AI Supremacy Showdown 

Generative artificial intelligence (A.I.) in US-China tech battle is emerging as the new battleground, intensifying tensions despite recent talks between the two nations.  In the battle for tech supremacy between the United States and China, a new battleground is emerging. The clash between the two nations over key technologies, such as semiconductors, has prompted experts […]

Media Giant Gannett Takes on Google's Ad Monopoly 

Google faces lawsuit over ad tech monopoly: Gannett, the largest newspaper publisher in the United States, has filed a lawsuit against Google in a Manhattan federal court, claiming that the tech giant has established a monopoly over the online advertising industry. The lawsuit, announced on Tuesday, accuses Google of monopolizing advertising technology markets and engaging […]

EU Takes Aim at China with a Plan to Restrict Sensitive Tech Production 

EU’s economic security strategy unveils plan to ban European companies from producing sensitive tech in China.  On June 21, the European Union (EU) has unveiled its intentions to prohibit European companies from manufacturing sensitive technologies, including supercomputers, artificial intelligence, and advanced microchips, in countries such as China.   The European Economic Security Strategy, presented by Commission President […]

AI as a Job Killer or Creator? 

The impact of AI on jobs is expected to result in both the elimination of certain occupations and the creation of new job roles. In a statement that echoes the concerns of many, an executive at a prominent artificial intelligence company has acknowledged that while AI technology has the potential to create new jobs, it […]