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Airlines to Charge Passengers Based on Body Weight

Why will Air New Zealand start weighing passengers before flights prior to their boarding international flights?

Technological Echoes of Ancient Civilizations

Technology, Ancient Civilizations, technological Advancements in Ancient Civilizations, technological Advancements, Ancient Technology, Chinese Technology, Digital Creation

Unveiling the mysteries of ancient civilizations: Discover the remarkable technological advancements that shaped our past.

WhatsApp Is Digging Its Own Grave

whatsapp telecom

Meta Platforms Inc. has Initiated a new operation, giving it absolute power over Mobile Network Operators’ (MNO) revenue by introducing WhatsApp as a key channel to share one-time passwords (OTP), putting the SMS’ role and revenue generation in this process at an uncertain halt. And by default, that of telcos and their local and international […]

Will Twitter Remain an Important Social Media Platform?

how important is Twitter

Since tech billionaire Elon Musk’s takeover of Twitter, the platform and its users have been taken on a wild ride. Based on research by ExpressVPN, a virtual private network and cybersecurity company, Twitter has been in a constant state of change. With news of layoffs, firings, and Twitter users abandoning their accounts for alternative platforms […]

Editor's ChoiceMonty Mobile Enters Multibillion-Dollar MNO Equipment Industry

Monty Mobile

Mountasser Hachem, Founder and Chairman of Monty Mobile, boasts an impressive 20-year track record of expertise and leadership in the telecommunications industry. Mr. Hachem has established himself as an innovator in business strategy, consistently staying one step ahead of the competition, and capitalizing on emerging market trends. Under his guidance, Monty Mobile has become a global […]

US-China Rivalry in Africa Is Fueled by Technology

US-China Rivalry

The US-China rivalry in Africa and the impact of digitalization on their competition are intensifying. With the growing importance of technology in Africa, both countries have been intensifying their efforts to gain influence on the continent. Digitalization has become a major force in shaping global politics, including the US-China rivalry in Africa. As the two […]

Monty Mobile, the 1st Global Telco Company Integrating AI to Revolutionize Its Value-Added Services

Telco Company Integrating AI

UK-London, 30 March 2023 – Monty Mobile, the fast-growing global telecommunication company offering innovative technology and communication solutions, is announcing the integration of AI and machine learning into its value-added services (VAS). This integration, dubbed OmniVAS, will allow the Mobile Operators to double-digit their revenues, in no time. By leveraging data mining, this state-of-the-art AI solution […]

Editor's ChoiceInsurance and AI Technology Trends: How AI Is Impacting the Insurance Sector and Industry

Insurance and AI Technology Trends

The insurance industry is undergoing a transformative shift driven by the rapid adoption of artificial intelligence (AI) technologies. The integration of AI into insurance processes is revolutionizing traditional methods, leading to more efficient, accurate, and customer-centric services. Traditionally, the insurance sector relied heavily on human expertise, manual underwriting, and time-consuming claims processing. However, the advent […]

Transforming the Humanitarian Response: Satcom in Action

Humanitarian Response

14 March 2023, Dubai, UAE: IEC Telecom is bringing a revolutionary connectivity solution to the market to transform the humanitarian response. Powered by high-speed Starlink connectivity and enhanced by aresilient L-band back-up by Thuraya, the Xpand Portfolio by IEC Telecom enables a range of advanced features for humanitarian activities and mobile missions operating in areas where there […]

Editor's ChoiceChatGPT Unplugged: Unpacking the Political Turmoil in Lebanon

Political Turmoil in Lebanon

Unveiling the Hype: ChatGPT’s Take on Lebanon’s Long-standing Political and Economic Crisis – Straight from an Inside Telecom Interview! ChatGPT is the new hype. That is not a secret. So, we decided to put that hype to the test. Inside Telecom decided to see what the big deal is. We asked this advanced Artificial Intelligence […]