MyMonty: The New Era of Banking

Where Potential Shows, Investment Flows

In a time when everything is going mobile, and people are seeking seamless ways to manage their finances, MyMonty emerges as a digital wallet and neo bank, ready to redefine the financial landscape as a reliable alternative, offering accessibility, convenience, and a renewed sense of consumer financial empowerment. Within modern finance, the landscape of transactions and financial interactions is ever evolving, guided by the invisible hands of technology. At this digital revolution stands Monty Mobile, a pioneer in the telecom services industry, led by Mountasser Hachem, who envisioned a future that transcended the realms of telecommunications, a future where the power of financial empowerment would be harnessed through cutting-edge technology.

It all began with a revelation, a realization rooted in profound market research and a deep understanding of the currents shaping the financial world. Around 1.7 billion adults, more than 20% of the global population, are ‘unbanked’, according to a report by JP Morgan. Within that demographic, about two-thirds have a mobile phone, providing a vital opportunity for companies to offer app-based banking services for the ‘unbanked’. Meanwhile, the global P2P payment market, valued at USD 2.21 trillion in 2022, was on a trajectory to reach a staggering USD 11.62 trillion by 2032, painting a picture of a world increasingly reliant on peer-to-peer financial interactions.  This insight fueled Hachem’s imagination, sparking the ideation of a platform that could seamlessly integrate into this expanding landscape., a digital oracle of trends, added another layer to the story. In 2022, the global total value of digital wallet transactions reached a staggering USD 7.5 trillion. The global mobile payment market, a titan in its own right, stood at USD 53.5 billion. And there, amidst the numbers, emerged a pivotal revelation – 3.4 billion digital wallet users, constituting 42.6% of the global population. It was a clear sign that the world was ready for a financial revolution.

The stage was set, and as the curtain rose, skyquestt presented its findings – the Global Neo Bank Market, a juggernaut valued at USD 45.18 billion in 2021, was poised for an unprecedented ascent. From USD 72.47 billion in 2022, it was projected to soar to a monumental USD 2168.31 billion by 2030, driven by a staggering CAGR of 52.93%. This revelation became the cornerstone of MyMonty’s conceptualization – a vision not confined to the present but one that looked ahead, recognizing the potential of a neo-banking era.

In the aftermath of these statistics and foresight, MyMonty was conceived. It was more than a digital bank; it was the manifestation of a visionary leader’s ambition to redefine financial landscapes; aiming to become the ultimate fintech enabler. Mountasser Hachem, fueled by the success of Monty Mobile and guided by the currents of global financial trends, embarked on a journey to create a platform that would not only adapt to change but propel it forward. The story had just begun, and MyMonty was set to inscribe a new chapter of digital finance.

With ambitions as vast as the digital horizons, Mountasser Hachem states that MyMonty is set on a mission to build the most extensive network of digital wallets and neobanks globally. “We invite investors not to miss out on this great opportunity to become partners in our story of success!” States Mountasser enthusiastically. “This isn’t just a financial venture; it is a vision to redefine the way people interacted with their finances on a global scale. As deals go through, by 2024, we will enter the markets of nine countries worldwide as a neo bank, disrupting traditional banking paradigms.”

Mountasser’s clever identification of a business opportunity, along with his track record of successful digital ventures, his perseverance in acquiring essential financial licenses, coupled with market research, a profound understanding of lending regulations, and a keen awareness of the local banking landscape make MyMonty a groundbreaking solution that stands at the peak of entrepreneurial vision. Drawing on its success in Africa, the UK, and 27 European Union countries, this innovative venture is fortified by a seasoned and forward-thinking team, prepared to take the model to new heights.

The journey had already begun, with MyMonty’s digital presence alive and thriving in Europe. The platform had seamlessly integrated into the daily lives of users, setting the stage for a more significant global foray. Yet, it was the financial landscape of Lebanon that presented both a challenge and an opportunity. Research findings add a new perspective to this narrative. According to The National News, one million Lebanese citizens are recipients of remittances. The UNDP reports that the total value of remittances received in Lebanon amounts to USD 7 billion, making it the third-largest remittance player regionally. Mountasser saw more than just an economic statistic, he saw an opportunity to bridge financial gaps, drive inclusion, and provide services that were scarce, particularly in Lebanon, such as loans.

Mountasser emphasizes, “MyMonty is an innovative system, undoubtedly, but its convenience and trustworthiness lead us to believe that it won’t be long before it becomes the only morally acceptable model of personalized banking. Our ambition is to become the biggest Banking as a Service – BaaS aggregator in the world.”

A notable aspect of MyMonty is its seamless integration with Monty Mobile’s AI Credit Scoring. This harmonious fusion of technologies, centered on addressing the needs of individuals rather than solely focusing on internal commerce mechanisms, represents a new era in consumer empowerment. 

MyMonty Digital Banking Service Takes Over the Lebanese Banking Sector

With MyMonty already operational in the UK and Europe, plans are underway to extend its reach to Lebanon, marking another milestone in bringing this cutting-edge innovation to a global audience.

Venturing deeper into the Lebanese market, MyMonty found insights that would shape its strategic trajectory. In Lebanon, where remittance inflows constitute a significant 36% of the economy, the landscape is both distinctive and challenging. Amidst economic uncertainties, MyMonty’s ambition extends beyond tapping into remittance flows; it aspires to be an agent of change. The platform’s distinctive edge crystallizes around key offerings – loans, salary domiciliation, and salary advances. 

The research findings further illuminate the landscape. According to Euromonitor, microlending in Lebanon amounted to USD 894 million before 2019, based on the pre-crisis credit card market size. Additionally, BLOM and Bank Audi Reports indicate that loans reached USD 55 billion, reflecting the value of loans before the crisis. These figures underscore the significant opportunities in the lending space that MyMonty aims to leverage as the only digital wallet in Lebanon licensed to be able to grant loans.

Moreover, the eWallet sector emerges as a promising avenue. With 2 million Lebanese citizens expressing interest in eWallets, as per GSMA and Euromonitor, and a market transaction value of USD 2.2 billion, based on the average digital transaction per user before the crisis, MyMonty is poised to tap into this dynamic market by introducing services like crowd funding, crowd lending, peer 2 peer lending, community lending, business wallet, and junior wallet within 3 months of the launch.

“It’s a new system, of course,” says Monty, “but so convenient and trustworthy, we believe it won’t take long before it’s the only morally acceptable model of personalized banking.”

As the search for investments intensified, MyMonty’s ambitions has no bounds. The statistics echoed the potential impact of digital banking and neobanking. The global neobanking market, projected to reach a staggering $5,382.6 billion by 2033, signaled a monumental shift in consumer preferences. The personal loans global market, set to grow from $61.32 billion in 2022 to $81.07 billion in 2023, indicated a growing demand for agile financial solutions. The evolving landscape of banking, with a 32.2% CAGR in personal loans, was aligning with Mountasser’s vision.

Moreover, the trajectory of bank account ownership, especially in developing countries, showcased the power of digitalization. The number of adults with a bank account had grown by 50% from 2011 to 2021, reaching 76% of the world population. MyMonty’s focus on financial inclusion and digital accessibility resonated with this global trend, aligning with the evolving needs of consumers.

As transaction values in the neobanking market were projected to reach $4.96 trillion in 2023, with an expected annual growth rate of 18.01%, MyMonty positioned itself at the forefront of this financial revolution. The average transaction value per user, set at $19.76k in 2023, showcased the platform’s scalability and potential impact.

With the number of neobanking users expected to reach 376.90 million by 2027, MyMonty was not merely a startup; it was a force ready to shape the digital financial landscape. The journey had just begun, with MyMonty ready to script a story of innovation, financial empowerment, and global impact.


In 2016, Monty Mobile orchestrated a financial turnaround for telecom operators, navigating potential collapse by pioneering a promising platform: Application-to-Person (A2P) monetization through its SMS-Firewall. The introduction of Monty eSIM also marked a competitive breakthrough, catering to the global needs of travelers. 

Now, MyMonty emerges as a beacon, addressing the aspirations of an ambitious yet financially constrained world population. This revolutionary incorporation of services underscores that digitalizing the banking sector is the most empowering improvement for our consumerist society in decades.

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