All of us at Inside Telecom welcome and embrace diversity of expertise, especially through the means of content, this not only helps us deliver the publication’s voice to our readers but brings them the forefront of our delivery.

Whether you’re a journalist, engineer, executive, a tech or telecoms geek, or even a student, if you have an interesting story in mind, then we shall gladly give you the platform to tell it.

Writing Guidelines:
Article Length:
  • 500-1000 words
  • Max 2 outbound sponsor-related links.
  • 1 or 2 additional can be for authoritative sites.
  • Try to have an internal link to another Inside Telecom article.
Good SEO Qualities:
  • High readability scores.
  • Organized with multiple sub-headings/paragraphs.
  • Shorter sentences (less than 20 words).
  • Transition word or phrase between sentences.
  • Avoid passive voice sentences.
Have an article Keyword in mind:
  • Keyword should be a word or phrase used in the first paragraph.
  • It should be used 3 or more times throughout the article.
  • It should NOT be used as the anchor text of an article link.
  • Embedded multimedia (photos, videos, tweets, etc..) are a must.