The Remarkable Resilience of Lebanon’s Telcos

Lebanon’s telecommunication public sector faces challenges of corruption and inadequate investment, while the private sector, led by companies like Alfa and Touch, drives technological advancement. Lebanon is a small country with a rich history and diverse culture. The telecommunications industry is an important aspect of its economic and social development, but it has been facing […]

WhatsApp Is Digging Its Own Grave

Meta Platforms Inc. has Initiated a new operation, giving it absolute power over Mobile Network Operators’ (MNO) revenue by introducing WhatsApp as a key channel to share one-time passwords (OTP), putting the SMS’ role and revenue generation in this process at an uncertain halt. And by default, that of telcos and their local and international […]

The Telco That Put Principle Before Profit

UAE Telco du hoped that digital fasting would help to instill self-reflection during Ramadan. Not too long ago, one of the highest profile companies in the United Arab Emirates conducted an experiment during Ramadan. The company was Emirates Integrated Telecommunications Company (EITC) and the experiment was for telco du to create a ‘technology fast’ within […]

The European Joint Venture - A Step Toward Meta-Domination

As technology experts and enthusiasts, you know something serious is going down in European Union (EU) when four of its telecom giants join hands to develop the advertising venture of a lifetime. Germany’s Deutsche Telekom, France’s Orange, Spain’s Telefónica, and the UK’s Vodafone dominate the telecom industry in their respective countries. Deutsche Telekom, for example, […]