Amira Saadeh

Are We Creating a Breed of Super Cyber Criminals?

cyber criminals

To humanity’s dismay, one’s noble intentions when innovating technology is a moot point. Once that creation is out there, made available to everyone, its application is open to interpretation. Someone somewhere will always find nefarious uses for the technology. And those are cyber criminals. The Dangers of Cyber Criminals The same technology that allowed companies […]

Could Chatbots Replace HR?

inhuman resources

Human Resources. They must uphold company policy to create a pleasant and productive work environment. Frequently, especially in big corporations, HR has its hands full. But what if there was a chatbot to lend a helping hand? But NOT with hiring people. We all saw how that went, and suffice it to say, YIKES! With […]

Digital Marketing in the Metaverse: A Stroke of Genius

digital marketing in the metaverse

How would you know a product exists if you don’t hear/read about it? Marketing and advertisement have been around since the beginning of trade. At first, people would purchase goods based on their word-of-mouth reputation. Today, however, all of that has transformed into a billion-dollar industry, and marketing and advertisements have become essential keys to […]

How Democratic Will the Benefits of Medical IoT Be?

medical iot

In an ideal world, You, Elon Musk, and I would have an equal fighting chance. We would have equal access to healthcare, opportunities, luxuries, etc. Unfortunately, the reality is far harsher than that. Access to necessities widely differs based on governmental wealth, generational wealth, and other factors. As a result, Kim Kardashian can buy herself […]

Blockchain in Supply Chain Management: A Good Idea?

blockchain in supply chain

The creation and subsequent application of blockchain technology in several sectors have bridged various gaps. Despite the technology still being in its primitive phase, people seem to think it is a miracle solution to every human error and want to tailor a place for it to go in every department. One such department is supply […]

Are Telcos the Smart Life Enablers They Say They Are?

smart life

There are cities out there on the verge of going fully smart. And the telecommunications sector plays a significant role in this. In fact, a smart life will heavily rely on 5G and data to which telcos have access. The whole point of a smart city is to automate the mundane so humans can spend […]

Blockchain Elections: A Stop to Trump's Fraud Claims?

blockchain elections

Call me cynical, but I’m not fond of politicians. But to give credit where credit is due, some are good businesspeople with no business running for any political position, let alone for the U.S. office. Yes, I’m looking at you, Donald. You’d think a guy who ran for office four times but only made it […]

Blockchain Applications: What's Next after NFTs?

blockchain applications

In today’s world, we collectively become obsessed with something, and then suddenly, it disappears from mainstream media. Look at fashion trends; one day, skinny jeans are all the rage, and then the next, everyone talks about the baggiest pair ever seen on runaways. Sometimes, these discussions seem to come full circle. I mean, we have […]

Business IoT: What Cyber Security Tells Us

business iot

Everything in this world could be represented by a coin, having a good side and a bad side. And the Internet of Things (IoT) is no different. On one side, life is easier when all our appliances and devices are connected to each other and talking to one another. Conversely, it puts your data at […]

Quantum Computing in Medicine: The Missing Piece of the Puzzle

quantum computing in medicine

Throughout history, humans have managed to circumvent long and tedious processes. Henry Ford’s moving assembly line was a quantum leap in manufacturing, so to speak. And in the age of digital advancements, it is no different. The latest concept proposed is quantum computing (QC) based on quantum physics. In layperson’s terms, this type of computing […]