Blockchain is the solution to many issues facing many industries. Many industries employ blockchain to refresh their billing system, and the telecom industry is no different. The budget-cutting advantages of blockchain are well documented. Telcos are jumping on the trend to save money and promote efficiency.  Blockchain Reshaping Telecom Billing  Emerging technologies like Blockchain can […]

digital marketing in the metaverse

How would you know a product exists if you don’t hear/read about it? Marketing and advertisement have been around since the beginning of trade. At first, people would purchase goods based on their word-of-mouth reputation. Today, however, all of that has transformed into a billion-dollar industry, and marketing and advertisements have become essential keys to […]

blockchain in supply chain

The creation and subsequent application of blockchain technology in several sectors have bridged various gaps. Despite the technology still being in its primitive phase, people seem to think it is a miracle solution to every human error and want to tailor a place for it to go in every department. One such department is supply […]

The series of advancements happening in the metaverse can serve as an announcement for the people to know that the switch to the metaverse is not a matter of if but simply a matter of when. While every sector is figuring out how to jump into the metaverse, one industry has it all figured out. […]

blockchain applications

In today’s world, we collectively become obsessed with something, and then suddenly, it disappears from mainstream media. Look at fashion trends; one day, skinny jeans are all the rage, and then the next, everyone talks about the baggiest pair ever seen on runaways. Sometimes, these discussions seem to come full circle. I mean, we have […]

You need to keep up. Web3 is not something to anticipate. It is something you need to adapt to and live with. Web3 is the next step for various sectors, and the telecom sector is no different. Telecom and Web3 are codependent. There is a need for a balance between them. This balance is crucial […]

Blockchain is the ultimate disruptive technology, capable of decentralizing power and creating a more transparent and equitable society.” These words by Don Tapscott, an influential author and blockchain expert, capture the essence of how blockchain technology can transform industries and the world as we know it. At the heart of blockchain lies decentralization, which enables […]


The future is cognitive, and NEOM is here to ensure it. And despite being a project in KSA, it is actually a global project above all else. But NEOM’s projects go beyond the realm of reality to delve into one of this era’s main focal points, the metaverse. But a little more complex. In fact, […]