Microsoft to Offer Its Suite on Apple Vision Pro

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Microsoft 365 productivity apps will be available on the Apple Vision Pro’s App Store at launch.

  • The headset is launching tomorrow, February 2nd.
  • The suite will include Teams, Word, Excel, Outlook, OneNote, and Loop.
  • Copilot will also be available.

Microsoft announced that its Microsoft 365 productivity suite will be available on the Apple Vision Pro at launch on February 2nd.

Unlike other tech companies, Microsoft is delving into spatial computing, making its productivity apps available on the Apple Vision Pro at launch. According to a recent blog post, Users will be able to download Teams, Word, Excel, Outlook, OneNote, and Loop from the App Store.

Microsoft never misses a chance to join a new operating system, be it iOS, Android, macOS, or Windows. And this is no different.

This “marriage” promises an immersive experience to flawlessly execute tasks, professional and otherwise. If you have a PowerPoint presentation, you can practice it in an immersive environment. If your essay is due soon, Word’s focus mode will tune out all distractions. As for Excel, the canvas for multitasking and data analysis will be its biggest upgrade. That’s just a couple of things you could do with the Office 365 family on visionOS.

Microsoft Teams on the Apple Vision Pro is on a different level. The big canvas that Apple’s spatial computing offers will allow for a better and neater user interface. Don’t worry about the video calls. The program will use the headset’s persona feature to create a lifelike representation of you during virtual meetings.

To sweeten the deal, Microsoft is also introducing to the Apple Vision Pro its AI, Microsoft Copilot. It allows users to create, analyze, and connect using natural language commands. It will come in handy in meetings, writing, presentation creation, and data analysis.

From the announcement, you can tell that Microsoft is nowhere near done. They shared that Microsoft Mesh will be coming to the Apple Vision Pro later this year as well. If programmed properly, it could elevate the experience in Microsoft Teams.

Instead of the customary windows featuring each of the meeting attendees, you’d join the same space as your avatar and communicate as if you were there in person. Of course, it will have some limitations, but this will make remote work much more “in-person.”

The Apple Vision Pro is launching tomorrow. The new Apple Vision Pro will cost you around $4,000. So, for that price, will the Microsoft productivity apps also be prone to crashing, making the users lose all their work? As efficient and useful as Microsoft’s apps are, they do tend to crash unexpectedly. They are also prone to freezing. Will these issues persist in visionOS?

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