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Google's eSIM news is dedicated to the telecom industry with the introduction of QR code-driven eSIM transfers for Android users

How to Factory Reset My Phone, phone, Apple, Factory reset, Android, iOS

Our devices need some TLC every now and again for their longevity. I didn’t know how to factory reset my phone. But now I do, and so do you.

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NASA announces a scheduled launch of its new platform for streaming, NASA+, coming later this year to take fans on an interstellar journey.

apple iphone 15, apple, iphone, ios, ios 16.6

Bloomberg's Mark Gunman unveiled the specs of Apple iPhone 15 Pro models, coinciding with the release of iOS 16.6.

Apple, iOS 17 Beta, Public beta

On July 12, Apple unveiled the first iOS 17 public beta, granting iPhone users an exclusive opportunity to test-drive the upcoming update.

Google Docs Integration

In an era defined by teamwork and connectivity, the partnership between iPad’s iOS 17 and Google Docs emerges as a game-changer for collaborative productivity. This powerful integration combines the versatility of the iPad with the collaborative prowess of Google Docs, revolutionizing the way individuals, students, and professionals collaborate and create. By seamlessly merging these two […]


Apple has long been known for its iterative approach to product development, continuously refining and enhancing its devices with each new iteration. As the highly anticipated iPhone 15 Pro Max is on the horizon, how will this approach influence its sales in the fiercely competitive smartphone market?  The Iterative Approach: Building on Success  Apple’s iterative […]

GoChat Messenger

Dubai 6 December 2022:  Etisalat UAE, branded as etisalat e&’s all-in-one free voice and video call app ‘GoChat Messenger’ exceeded 3.5 million global downloads due to its hassle-free experience to easily make and receive voice and video calls, chat with friends and family, transfer money to their families, pay bills, play games, stay updated with […]