Has Britain Just Handed Terror Groups the Ultimate Laser Weapon?

The UK Defence Department has just showcased Dragonfire, a laser defence toy which can destroy incoming missiles and hostile aircraft. The released test footage seems extremely bland until you understand the implications of what it happening. But when you do understand, the test footage looks like a scene from the climax of Dune Part 2. […]

Boeing 737 Max Fails 37% of its Safety Checks

Seriously? 33 problems out of 89 safety checks in the manufacturing and assembly of the Boeing 737 Max? How is it possible this aircraft is still flying? Why do the Boeing board of directors still have jobs? How is it even conceivable that Spirit Aerosystems, a contractor for much of the assembly process, is still […]

Audio Tech May Have Been the Clincher at the Oscars

Just a few hours ago, Oppenheimer shut out the Academy Awards with a haul of seven Oscars. They were Best Film, Director, Actor, Supporting Actor, Cinematographer, Editing and Original Score. What this cinematic masterpiece did not win, was the prize for best sound. This is a little ironic given that the audio tech and ingenuity […]

How Israel’s GPS Disruption Could Affect You

A recent report on how the Israeli military’s deployment of GPS-disruptive technology in southern Lebanon is affecting the civilian population is interesting, but just barely scratching the surface. Interesting because a sector you wouldn’t even dream of being disrupted is being severely tested; the fishing industry. GPS tells fishermen where the fish are, literally. So […]

How to Ensure Your Brand isn’t an Endangered Species

Consumers have been fed a steady diet of sustainability messages for the last 20 years, at least in developed markets. And now this is becoming built-in to the choices we make when buying or remaining loyal to a brand. But our parameters for purchasing are becoming ever more demanding, particularly because of our increasing appreciation […]

Hands Up Who Was Surprised When they Killed the Apple Car

In a move that shocked the world on Tuesday, Apple terminated their decade-long program to build a car. The shock was that it took so long to kill it off. The process had been so beset with issues that, internally, the so-called Titan Project was whisperingly referred to as the Titanic Project. Various media reports […]