NASA telescopes’ imagery released this last week is visually stunning, technologically mind-blowing and spiritually, well, how can it not evoke questions of a religious, philosophical or scientific manner. The images are beautiful and reveal a universe which far exceeds the human eye’s capacity to see it. From our new vantage point, the majesty and scale […]

We’ve now been treated to the same scene fifteen times. The interminable queue outside New York’s Apple store every time there’s an iPhone launch. It’s such a powerful component of Apple’s brand identity that competitor Samsung even launched an attack on it when advertising their own Galaxy model. Unfortunately for them it merely reinforced why […]

The G20. If you compare it to, let’s say G7 or BRICS, it’s like bringing a hand grenade to a pillow fight. It is the alpha and the omega of geopolitical shindigs. And the party this group is holding right now? It’s probably the most confrontational, uncompromising blast wave-inducing get-together in years. The story so […]

For years, the conversation about global population has been about our impending inability to feed ourselves, because there’ll be too many of us. Then the narrative changed to the reverse; a population implosion and the average age of humankind reaching into the non-productive 60’s. These have been the headline grabbers. And they’ve been legitimate, too. […]

Sorry, but that headline should read ‘head to the hill’ not ‘head the bill’. Because that’s where Elon and Mark are going. To Capitol Hill, to advise the lawmakers on how to deal with AI. But given their recent, rather silly pugilistic proclamations about a cage fight, what do you expect? So what could be […]

Karan Bilimoria, life peer in the House of Lords, is undoubtedly India’s greatest ambassador. His name is synonymous with everything that’s positive on the subcontinent. Recently, he was captured on film during a UK parliamentary debate, with data that confirmed that the India economy is like an express train. Here’s a recount of that data: […]

Right now, Crown Prince Mohammed Bin Salman (MBS) is considering a Chinese bid to build a nuclear power plant in the Kingdom. He’s deadly serious about this, as are the Chinese. But according to the Wall Street Journal, he is sending a clear signal to Washington that unless they drop their non-proliferation stance, he will […]

Maybe the Alliance will Actually Achieve Something Now If I walk out into my garden and look towards the north west, I can just see in the distance the location of the BRICS conference, where Saudi Arabia has been invited to join BRICS. It sits smack bang in the middle of the richest square kilometre […]