fibre future

Rounding Up the Gigabit Broadband Rollout As part of the Government’s commitment to “levelling up”, full fibre broadband is being rolled out to millions of homes and businesses across the UK. But are we on track to meet the 2030 full fibre target? Here, Guy Miller, CEO of wholesale fibre network operator MS3 Networks, rounds […]

PSTN switch off

It’s now less than three years until the Public Switched Telephone Network (PSTN) is switched off in the UK, which means businesses must switch to digital now. With so much misinformation around how to navigate this switch off, Kristian Torode, Director and Co-Founder of business telecoms services provider, Crystaline, busts some of PSTN switch off […]

Composable Enterprise

Although it is frequently considered just a technical and infrastructure initiative, transforming it into a composable enterprise affects the entire company. People need to remember how important the human factor is for the success of such digitalization initiatives. Only if employees actively support and use the new technologies can they fully exploit their advantages. Ensuring […]


The UK government is on a mission to level up the nation, improve living standards and fight regional inequality. Internet access plays a vital role. But to tackle such deep-rooted issues requires a different, stronger approach to what’s been used before. Here, Guy Miller, CEO of full fibre network operator MS3 Networks explains why alternative […]

SIM Technology

What’s an iSIM, and Why Should I Know About It? While embedded SIM cards (eSIMs) are still gaining traction, the next generation of subscriber identification module is coming to the fore. Integrated SIM, or iSIM, is the next step in the move away from physical SIM cards offering connectivity benefits for both consumer and IoT […]

Digital Inclusion

Now More Than Ever, Everyone Needs Access to Digital As things become increasingly digital, there’s a small proportion of the population losing their voice, access to services, and ability to participate in society. Despite overall access to the Internet increasing, with 96 percent of households connected. According to the most recent data from the Office […]

Switch Broadband

With soaring living costs hitting the UK hard, the rise in bills is becoming increasingly noticeable and, for many, increasingly challenging to afford. That includes our broadband bills. Here, Guy Miller, CEO of full fibre broadband network operator, MS3 Networks, shares his advice on getting the best broadband deal. The cost-of-living crisis is affecting almost […]


Improving customer experience, developing sensible new products, and increasing customer loyalty – these are the important goals for telecommunication providers, and they have one thing in common: Essential prerequisites for achieving them are data and data analysis. Data forms the basis for a better understanding of customers, their behavior, and their current and future needs. […]