America is China’s Biggest Client. That’s Why TikTok Has to Go

Of all the flags politicians fly during an election, particularly in America, the right to self-determination has always been the most proudly flown. Well, that flag is starting to look a little tatty right now. The latest TikTok affair is reminding the world how not one single leader involved in this ban gives a damn […]

Hands Up Who Was Surprised When they Killed the Apple Car

In a move that shocked the world on Tuesday, Apple terminated their decade-long program to build a car. The shock was that it took so long to kill it off. The process had been so beset with issues that, internally, the so-called Titan Project was whisperingly referred to as the Titanic Project. Various media reports […]

VLEO and the Art of Kissing Your Privacy Goodbye

We’re all too aware that our privacy is being eroded by the power of technology coupled with the insistence of people who want us to buy things. I personally thought that IoT (Internet of Things) was probably going to be disassembling of our last vestige of solitude. By 2030, there’ll be almost 30 million machines […]

Big Tech Guardians of the Truth in Upcoming Elections?

Who’s Kidding Who? We’ve been seeing a lot of media attention recently about OpenAI, Google, Anthropic and Meta putting limits on AI to protect the electoral process this year, so that the ‘will of the people shall be served’ (jeez, I nearly typed ‘severed’ there!). OpenAI will stop its tools from pretending to be human, […]

How the UK Recession Will Effect Telecoms

We Brits love a good recession. It gives us something else to complain about, other than the weather. (In the interests of transparency, I’m using the royal ‘we’ from the warmth of an early South African autumn.) At 07h00 GMT today, that’s exactly what we got. A much-predicted recession just in time to arm the […]

Super Bowl LVIII’s Biggest Loser was Tesla

Last night, 120 million Americans were treated to a nail-biting win by the Kansas City Chiefs over the San Francisco 49er’s. It was a hell of a game which went into that rarest of moments at this annual affair; overtime. The final score was 25 – 22 That same audience was also treated to Usher […]

The Catch 22 of AI Trading Bots

Catch 22 is the terminology describing a problem for which the only solution is impossible because of circumstances inherent to the problem. Its origin is Joseph Heller’s book of the same name, first published in 1961. A literary masterpiece that’s considered to be the greatest satirical work ever produced, in any language or culture. Fact […]