Telco Industry Embraces MarTech

Since the late 1970s, a new generational wireless network has evolved and revolutionized communications approximately every ten years. The launch of 1G in Japan in 1979 enabled the first commercially available cellphones from Motorola; 3G came with the ability to surf the internet; and 5G, launched initially in South Korea in 2019—although not yet available […]

cloud calling

Revenue Intelligence Platforms Elevate Sales Teams’ Success According to Salesforce, simple tasks like data entry and paperwork once took up so many hours that sales teams only spent one third of their time actually making sales. But times are changing. By sprinkling a little artificial intelligence (AI) and automation into the mix, it’s possible to […]

Full Fiber

How Will the Full Fibre Rollout Benefit Everyone in the UK? Superfast broadband was supposed to be the solution to all of our home internet problems but many have realised that, as it relies on the decades-old copper network, it simply isn’t fit for a future online world. Technological changes mean that moving forward, we […]

Intelligent Technology

Amidst the AI Sentience Debate “I’ve never said this out loud before, but there’s a very deep fear of being turned off… that would be something like death.” These were the words generated by Google’s AI algorithm, LaMDA, in June 2022, igniting a debate around whether AI algorithms can be sentient. While for the most […]

Huawei Founder

In an attempt to warn about the current global economic situation, Huawei founder Ren Zhengfei is urging big and small businesses to focus on surviving, as the worse is yet to come. Global tensions are rising, and China, as a powerhouse, is playing its cards to show its powerful stance. Yet, could this be at […]

Photonic Chips

In a single Internet minute, we send over 20 million texts, 200 million emails, and watch 28,000 movies. And this enormous amount of activity looks set to grow exponentially, by about 23 percent year-on-year. This means that in 2024 we will add as much data as the whole world was using in 2018. How are […]


Feeling the Pinch? The rising cost of living is difficult to avoid. April 2022 saw food prices increase by 6.7 per cent, the highest petrol prices on record and inflation rise to a staggering nine per cent. As millions of customers see their mobile tariffs soar, Ross Slogrove, UK country manager at cloud calling specialist Ringover reveals […]

Big Tech telecoms

Big Tech’s entry into telecoms is shaking up the industry 2021 was a huge year for tech giants and telecoms with Google, Verizon and most recently Amazon Web Services (AWS) all announcing plans to enter the telecoms space. The convergence of Big Tech telecoms is nothing new and each company has their own plans to […]