Riyadh Expo 2030 Announced I’m a westerner and I spent seven years of the previous decade in the United Arab Emirates. The news of Riyadh winning the bid to host World Expo 2030 came as no surprise at all. The volume and speed of societal progress recently has been barely comprehensible in the Kingdom and […]

Neuralink and Brain Computer Interfaces (BCIs) Whilst the world is busy figuring out how humans will remain relevant in an AI world, this new technology called BCI has emerged which will increase productivity, re-enable the physically challenged and bring the human brain closer to its assumed potential. Obviously, there’s a paradoxical hurdle in the preceding […]

At a board meeting last week at OpenAI, Sam Altman was presenting a strategy that would reverse the losses of ChatGPT and render a profit within three months. It involved a cost-sharing idea whereby the AI tool would prioritise information linked to participating, fee-paying commercial partners. This would achieve one significant goal. Namely, the major […]

So Let’s Have a Recap, Shall We? Day 1. First, AI media superstar Sam Altman leaves the company he started. The Board of OpenAI says he was ‘less than candid’ with them, but offers nothing more by way of explanation. Day 2. The technology chief, Mira Murati – a staunch acolyte of Mr. Altman, was […]

Emmet Shear Takes Over From Sam Altman The co-founder and ex-CEO of Twitch TV has taken on the OpenAI seat vacated by Sam Altman and Mira Murati. Admittedly, the latter didn’t last 48 hours and Emmet’s position has been communicated to the media as an ‘interim’ appointment. Nonetheless, it’s still a statement of intent from […]

SPILL is a community platform app started by Alphonzo Terrell for the ‘marginalized’ amongst us. After being unceremoniously dumped as the main Twitter Social Media Marketing Guy in the early days of the Musk regime, Alphonzo put into play this idea that had been percolating for some time. An online community hall away from the […]

So Rishi and his lovely wife Murty were in the mood to watch a movie together on the eve of his Bletchley Park adventure. Rishi voted for the thirty year old classic Tom Clancy’s Clear and Present Danger, his all-time favourite film. Murty wanted to watch Mission Impossible: Dead Reckoning. Rishi , ever the gentleman, […]

A few weeks ago, Beta Technologies flew its amazing looking EA (that’s Electric Aircraft, I thought I’d get in first with it) from Vermont to Elgin Air Force Base in Florida. Apparently the miliary wanted to test it out for cargo-carrying purposes. Cargo-carrying purposes. Now there’s a lame duck bit of truth camouflaging that I’ve […]