What’s more addictive: iGaming or eGaming?

Have you ever heard stories of people suffering from large debts they gathered because of gambling? One man with a £60k gambling debt shared that he smashed his computer to pieces attempting to get rid of this destructive habit.  Yes, gaming addiction is extremely dangerous. If a person can’t control it, this problem may destroy […]

The FCC is under-funding Reagan's Lifeline program - why Americans need it now more than ever

When President Ronald Reagan created the Lifeline program 35 years ago to help low-income Americans with subsidized telephone services, few could have predicted just how lifesaving it would become. Under normal circumstances, access to the internet is essential to participating in today’s economy. During the global pandemic, however, this access has become a literal lifeline […]

The digital disruptions that are changing the world

Disruptions are a welcome break in almost all the industries around the world; however, some disruptions can indeed be catastrophic, but as every coin has two sides, it also brings great opportunities. The digital disruptions brought by the global pandemic has created a difficult situation for a few but there are several institutions that took […]

API-First : Automating and Accelerating Carrier-to-Carrier Interconnection

Network-centric businesses across the globe are adapting how they consume connectivity and transforming the way their partners interconnect and grow through network Application Programming Interfaces (APIs). Control is being placed back into their hands allowing them to create a solid foundation for faster, more agile and friction-free networking models that no longer limit innovation. Legacy […]

The (relay) race is on for CSPs to capture 5G revenue

The most successful relay race teams don’t just have exceptional individual talents, they also bring out the best in one another, offer complementary skills, and execute as a cohesive group. As we look at the current and future opportunities surrounding 5G, CSPs need to take a similar ‘relay race’ approach to select the right team […]

IoT: The hidden costs of the always connected age

Homes are overflowing with connected devices. Everything from “smart” televisions, speakers, light bulbs, and even smart microwaves have surged in popularity in the past several years – with over 10 billion IoT devices expected to be in use worldwide this year. Many of these devices are always-on and always-connected, ready to be used at the […]

Li-Fi Market anticipated to exceed $8Bn by 2030

Global Market Insights, Inc., predicts that the overall Li-Fi market size is poised to exceed USD 8 billion by 2030, subject to the light fidelity technology’s mounting applications across indoor networking, healthcare, aerospace, underwater communication, automotive, and other sectors. A sudden upsurge in internet usage owing to massive proliferation of smartphones globally has enabled the […]