What’s more addictive: iGaming or eGaming?

What’s more addictive iGaming or eGaming

Have you ever heard stories of people suffering from large debts they gathered because of gambling? One man with a £60k gambling debt shared that he smashed his computer to pieces attempting to get rid of this destructive habit. 

Yes, gaming addiction is extremely dangerous. If a person can’t control it, this problem may destroy their life. Luckily, right now, there are many organizations, which may provide a gamer with professional support and help.

There are different types of gaming and each of them may have various negative effects. While some people visit 1Highroller Casino to enjoy attractive slots or various video games, have a good time, and leave, others cannot stop until they empty their bank accounts.

However, do you know what’s more addictive — iGaming or e-Gaming? We are going to help you understand the difference between these terms. And don’t miss a chance to get acquainted with some useful tips that may help you avoid iGaming and e-Gaming addictions.

iGaming and e-Gaming?

To answer this question, we’d better start with discovering the definitions of both iGaming and e-Gaming.

The first one – iGaming – is also known as online gambling. It involves wagering of money on the results of different events or games. As a rule, the most popular activities include sports betting, poker, gambling games, etc.

Note that there are many companies and casino operators that support and develop this industry. The statistic shows that more than a quarter of the world population gambles from time to time. This result is £5.3 billion revenue for iGaming market.

Believe it or not, the popularity of e-Gaming can compete with gambling. e-Gaming refers to playing different types of games including video games, arcades, etc. Recent research shows that over 3 billion people use various devices to enjoy this entertainment, including mobile phones, personal computers, and consoles.

Is iGaming Addictive?

Unfortunately, there are people, who suffer from iGaming addiction. What is more, some experts say that online gambling is even more dangerous than playing in brick-and-mortar casinos.

There are several reasons for this.

First, it’s possible to enter a gambling website whenever you want. That’s why many gamblers lose their sense of time and spend hours playing various online slots and other types of casino-related games.

Second, many online gamblers don’t take care of their budget management. They don’t set limits and spend money without considering the expenses. 

Finally, people, who suffer from gambling addiction, may not recognize their problems. Almost every gambling website works together with special organizations, which provide gamblers with the necessary help. However, many people ignore this easy way to get rid of iGaming addiction.

Consider that 10 million residents of the U.S. alone suffer from different gambling issues.

Is e-Gaming Addictive?

e-Gaming provides players with tons of different games. Nowadays many people prefer playing video games to taking part in real-life activities.

Luckily, for most players, gaming is just a hobby. According to the statistics provided by the World Health Organization, only nearly 4 percent of gamers from the whole world suffer from issues related to addiction.

Nevertheless, it doesn’t mean that e-Gaming is less addictive than iGaming. Addicted gamers face serious problems, too. Some gamers can’t stop thinking about the gaming process even when they are not playing.

Be aware that if a person spends too much time interacting with video games despite problems at work or home, this is a red flag. Gaming addicts constantly lie about the overall time they spend in the virtual world, so you should be watchful.

Remember that an unhealthy approach to video games affects a person’s mental activity and well-being.

A solution to the Problem

As you can see, both iGaming or e-Gaming may be extremely dangerous for a person’s life. That’s why it’ll be a great decision to start following several important rules, which can help you avoid the mentioned problems.

It doesn’t matter whether you prefer wagering at online casinos or fighting against monsters in the newest MMO-RPG games — these tips will help you play responsibly.

1.     Set strict limits

Of course, both iGaming or e-Gaming companies provide us with tons of pleasant emotions. Still, any gamer or gambler should be able to control their time spent in the world of digital entertainment.

For example, you may set limits for your daily gaming activities. You may also use special apps to monitor your progress and track the time spent in an online game or casino.

Also, in case you are a true fan of betting, you should pay attention to your budget. Decide on the sum you can afford to spend in an online casino every week or month. As soon as you reach the set limit, you should stop playing immediately.

2.     Find alternative activities

It may be a good idea to switch to new hobbies and exciting activities. Many things may help you avoid thinking about gaming 24/7. For example, you can go in for sports or master Do it Yourself (DIY) skills.

Thanks to such activities you’ll become a more interesting and creative person. Plus, you may get more pleasant emotions if you make some bets in a casino or defeat a monster in a game after spending a few hours away from gadgets.

3.     Get professional help

If you realize that you are unable to deal with your gaming addiction, you should get professional support. There are many organizations, which help you overcome iGaming issues.

For instance, you may visit the BeGambleAware website. This organization cooperates with the majority of licensed online casinos. It can help you control your gambling habits as well as provide you with support and useful tools.

If you can’t stop playing video games, you should ask your friends and family members to give you a helping hand. Also, you can look for a nearby treatment center. You may need to visit it for several weeks or even months before you can overcome your problem. Nonetheless, you’ll see your life change for the better after the treatment is over.

Both iGaming or e-Gaming may be addictive if a person doesn’t follow the simple rules mentioned in this article. As soon as you realize that gaming has already started destroying your life and you’re unable to stop this process, please, seek professional help.

The good news is that nowadays there are many organizations, which will help you deal with such a serious problem.

Abby Bootman has been working in the Casino industry in Las Vegas, Nevada, for the past five years, where she witnessed countless people suffering from various types of addictions. While she graduated from Pace University with a degree in psychology, due to her work experience, Abby has chosen game addiction as the theme for her thesis.