America is China’s Biggest Client. That’s Why TikTok Has to Go

Of all the flags politicians fly during an election, particularly in America, the right to self-determination has always been the most proudly flown. Well, that flag is starting to look a little tatty right now.

The latest TikTok affair is reminding the world how not one single leader involved in this ban gives a damn about your freedom of choice. They care about whose hands your money is going to land in.

The hypnotic algorithm of TikTok is being portrayed as the hitman. Working for a Chinese Godfather who wants to play havoc with programmed-in xenophobia. And the White House can’t abide that scenario. America was proudly built on xenophobia, son. 

This is probably the reason I’m struggling to find any mainstream media that isn’t pouring out the same rhetoric around the political influence TikTok could employ to sway gullible American voters.  But to believe that is to just feed the gullibility.

This is about technology, plain and simple. And from whom to buy it. The American marketplace is still the biggest and busiest in the world. And the politicians are only concerned that TikTok is the Pied Piper leading American consumers away from good ol’ Made in the U.S. of A products. And into the clutches of those untrustworthy colonising bastards from the East. This is not just about Huawei mobiles, either. The paranoia runs the gamut from semiconductors to green hydrogen energy plants. This is “you’re either with us or you’re against us” nonsense on a grand scale.

The whole world knows this about American politics. They’ll be watching with both amusement and alarm as two parties will slug it out in November. The winner, naturally, being who can generate the most xenophobia.

Party Number One

The very unsubtle Republicans. They like to stab their enemies in the front as a demonstration of who’s the boss.

Party Number Two

The Democrats, who like to stab their friends in the back.

And Then There’s the Third Party

The CEO of TikTok (portrayed above) whose every public appearance recently has given the impression of a bushbaby caught in the headlights. Or someone who’s just been stabbed.

In vote-getting terms, self-determination has become an emotional tax – maybe it always has been – and it’s now payable on demand for the delusion of freedom of choice. The widespread use of technology is making this political lie increasingly evident.

And then, of course, there’s the current American political landscape which finds itself in an old age home. This is ironic given that their entire political system needs to go back to college to learn about modern representation. And how to be honest to a tech-dependent population.

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