Klleon Unveils Revolutionary Digital Human Technology at Nvidia's GTC 2024

nvidia, gtc 2024

Klleon, a company specializing in AI, has unveiled its latest Digital Human technology during Nvidia’s GTC 2024 conference. This technology is described as revolutionary, and it allows the creation of lifelike, interactive 3D models of virtual human characters capable of interacting with the digital world.

These models include intricate details, such as facial features, hair characteristics, skin tone, as well as body movements. They can interact with the digital world in a natural and smart manner, including speaking, expressing emotions, and making decisions.

This technology created by the U.S. based company can be used in a variety of applications, including education, in way that it can generate 3D models of historical or scientific figures for students to interact with directly.

As for entertainment, it is capable of creating virtual characters for video games, movies, or series. In healthcare, it is used for the creation of 3D models of body parts, which can make it easier for doctors to diagnose and treat diseases.

While in the marketing field, this technology can be used to create 3D models of products or services, allowing customers to interact with the digital human before purchase.

Digital Human technology is also used in CreChat, an application designed for real-time interactive chat with digital humans. It is also used for creating digital version of celebrities, who can engage with users in realistic visual and voice conversations.

With the support of Nvidia’s advanced graphics processing unit technology, Klleon has made a significant step in the field, by leveraging Nvidia Omniverse’s A2F (Audio-to-face) technology to add precise emotional expressions to digital humans.

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