5G network launch in India

India has been preparing to introduce 5G for years, but delays have kept happening. According to the most recent information, the implementation should be finished before March 2023 if the government has its way in the current round of frequency auctions. That depends on a lot. The government has consistently overpromised when addressing the 5G […]

South Korea 6G

Business Korea’s core alliances report that the government expects commercial 6G to become widely accessible from 2028 to 2030. What use cases will be made of the new technology as 6G networks promise speeds 50 times faster than those of 5G are still being determined. Even said, South Korea’s interest is not surprising given that […]

5G and the Metaverse

Despite multiple tech giants working on it, the metaverse has yet to arrive in all its virtual glory. In addition, the fifth generation of mobile networks (5G) has yet to be adequately adopted worldwide due to the public being satisfied and content with 4G. But once the metaverse is deployed, 5G adoption will skyrocket as […]

CSP Digital Transformation

Like their global peers, Communications Service Providers (CSPs) in the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) region face challenging decisions in their digital transformation journeys. Investments in spectrum, networks, and applications must be offset by future operational savings and increased pressure to identify new revenue opportunities aggressively. As 5G rollouts expand and consumers and businesses eagerly await […]

wifi 6 vs 5G

The world is moving full steam ahead, picking up speed with every new invention, innovation, and iteration. As of 2020, Wifi 6 (also known as 802.11ax) was officially certified and made its way into the mainstream. Wifi 6 vs 5G is an essential discussion that experts are having as the new generations of both innovations […]

telecommunications infrastructure

Avoiding the internet and telecom in today’s linked world is impossible. It would be lovely to periodically put our phones away for a few hours or even a few days. But it would be impossible to stop using them entirely. We rely on the internet to carry out daily tasks like making calls, checking messages, […]

telecommunications industry trends

Dual transformation and industry restructuring are necessary to restore the trust and support of customers. To stop the commoditization of the network, the telecom sector will need to alter its primary business. They will need to develop a universally applicable solution for all clients. They must comprehend why the network needs to be restructured to […]

Difference Between 5G and 6G

Connectivity is ever-evolving. Looking back, the first generation of mobile networks developed in 1979 in Japan seems so primitive now that we have 5 G rolling out and 6G in development. 5G, or the fifth generation of mobile networks, is a wireless mobile network designed to connect virtually everyone and everything, including machines, objects, and […]