Ericsson to Uplift India’s 5G

After clinching large deals with telecom operators for 5G equipment, global telecom infrastructure company Ericsson plans to expand its production capacity in India. The expansion plan would collaborate with a local vendor and operate from the latter’s Pune location. It is all part of a well-structured plan for Ericsson to further its global presence.  The […]

Private 5G Networks in China and Russia: What It Means for the Future of Global Telecom 

The world of telecommunications is constantly evolving, with new technologies emerging that promise faster speeds, lower latency, and greater reliability. However, the development of private 5G technology by China and Russia could have significant implications for the global telecom industry, potentially leading to a fragmentation of networks and a separate ecosystem of devices and services […]

Blockchain and the Growth of Digital Identity

The Internet is a part of our identity. Technological developments in the digital sphere have transformed every aspect of our lives, including shopping, working together with colleagues, staying in contact with friends, entertainment, and money management. Since the inception of the Internet, identity management has been a major issue, with billions of dollars being spent […]

5G The Network of Remote Work 

5G might not have reached its full potential but it has played a major part in empowering the remote work culture. Flexibility, teamwork, and productivity have always been essential to managing a successful company, and they have become even more crucial since the pandemic. Thanks to more effective data networks, 5G technology, and a work-from-anywhere […]