The transformative potential of blockchain technology has been compared to that of the internet in the 1990s. Blockchains, like the internet, have the potential to drive dramatic institutional efficiency gains, save billions through reduced operational, financial, legal, and governance costs, create widespread process redundancy, significantly reduce counterparty, and market risk, and reshape the financial market […]

The recent announcement of UBS Group’s acquisition of Credit Suisse Group has sent shockwaves through the Swiss banking industry. The combination of the country’s two largest banks is expected to create a dominant player in the domestic market, with a pro forma market share of about 30% of domestic deposits and 25% of domestic loans, […]

The potential of telcos to expand beyond communications and integrate FinTech functionality on their network, creating huge business possibilities for both sectors.   ________________________  The global scope and coverage of telcos are enormous. It should be clear that telcos can use this reach for possibilities outside of communications. Huge business possibilities for both sectors could be […]

In this piece, we will explore the idea that the banking crisis of 2008 may have been a carefully planned event by certain actors in the financial and tech industries who saw an opportunity to consolidate their power and influence over the global economy.   __________________  The financial and banking crisis in the US had far-reaching […]

fintech reckoning

The Fintech reckoning was bound to happen. The industry has been growing steadily since the 2008 financial crisis, but the COVID-19 pandemic was the leading enabler of forced integration into a fragile economic situation. The quicker they climb, the harder they fall. Financial technology (Fintech) has been a growing industry since the late 1960s, even […]

quantum computing in banking

As we speak, our traditional trust-based banking system is crumbling down like a house of cards. Most experts hope that blockchain-based finance, or in other words, no-trust finance, will salvage the economy. Now, more than ever before, people are careful where they invest their money. But with the threat of malicious quantum computing use cases, […]

In today’s digital economy, digital assets are playing an increasingly important role in helping businesses navigate economic restrictions. As the world moves towards a more globalized and interconnected economy, it has become necessary for companies to make use of digital assets to remain competitive. Could digital assets be the answer to navigating economic restrictions and […]

business corporate card

If you’re looking to optimize your corporate card spending, there are various things you can consider to help you more accurately outline your business corporate card spending policy, and ensure your company is managing card spending effectively. In this article, we’ve put together five of the best practices to help you manage corporate card spending. […]