And what is the future of fintech?

It takes time to navigate the banking and finance sectors. Despite being regarded as rather conventional areas, they are constantly changing. Financial technology, or “FinTech” as it is more commonly called, is a critical sector of expansion. However, how will fintech impact financial services in the future? And what is the future of fintech? Consider […]

programmable CBDC

Everyone is curious to know what the world will look like in the future. Hold on if you thought of flying cars and robots! There are other fascinating technological developments to consider, like digitalizing paper money. Digital currency is not a newly generated term, as we became familiar with it a long time ago. The […]

Virtual Cards

The world has seen technology infiltrate almost every sector the world has known, and the financial industry is no different. Traditional banking was getting the job done, and it almost felt like this was how things would be forever. Yet, innovation strikes, and the world is introduced to eclectic solutions to problems consumers never considered, […]

Open Banking Financial Inclusion

One of the world’s most widespread problems lies within the boundaries of one of the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) to reduce inequalities, namely SDG 10. Financial exclusion’s transformation to become a goal birthed new equalities of opportunities and availabilities to access financial services, or as more commonly known, financial inclusion. The endless opportunities brought […]

Financial Ecosystem

The world is intensifying its adoption of digital means to conduct its finances. The accelerated use of the Internet and smartphones has impacted the burgeoning of digital banking and any financial ecosystem. The United Arab Emirates (UAE) is no stranger to transforming one of its primal sectors’ frameworks as the financial sphere becomes increasingly technologically […]

Charles Matta

From the firm belief in delivering equal opportunities, inclusivity, commitment, and conscientious work ethics birthed a rising financial technology (Fintech) company, MyMonty. The idea of the company stems from the fundamental core philosophy of equality and delivering on the promise of offering everyone basic banking and financial services. Executive Vice President (EVP) of MyMonty, Charles […]

virtual credit card instant use

Small businesses represent about 90% of businesses worldwide. However, managing finances can be quite challenging for small businesses. Thankfully, there are now modern banking solutions that have made financial transactions in business seamless. One such is the virtual credit card. This innovation has enabled businesses to handle their financial affairs more smoothly. In this piece, we will […]

Tech Bubble

People worry that the ‘tech bubble‘ will likely burst right in front of them. Rightfully so.  This year, tech shares are down more than 30 percent, and private firms are experiencing confidence-shattering down rounds.  In contrast, cryptocurrency exchanges like Celsius declare bankruptcy as prices of cryptocurrencies plummet. And FTX is taking the whole crypto market […]