Nour El Souki

What’s Next Meta? Tea with Mark Zuckerberg?

Is Meta depriving us of the little joys in life, I think it is with its AI generated avatars. Meta introduced characters on Wednesday.

Indonesia Says Its Final Goodbye to Online Shopping on TikTok  

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Trade Minister Zulkifli Hasan made set a new regulation, making the move for the first Indonesian e-commerce ban on all social media.

Will Spotify Take My Voice Away 

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Daneil Ek said he has no intention of removing all Spotigy AI music from the music streaming service. Will Spotify AI Music Take My Voice?

It's getting hot in here; AI will cool you off 

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Wildfire detection technology was developed by Pano AI, which is thought to be a second pair of eyes that looks out for fire.

AI Steals with Good Deals  

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Let me introduce you to South Korea's robot, Zaein, or as I would like to call her Z, one of South Korea’s most active virtual humans.

Will Google Be the Reason We Sleep with Fishes 

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Family Sues Google - Just like any normal family, the Paxson’s had planned out their day but sadly nothing went accordingly.

NFTS Are Being Flushed Down the Drain with the Rest of Your Dead Pet Fish 

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Do you remember the phase that we went through having the internet bombarded with the rise of NFT red flags? Well, NFTs are dead now.

The Sassy AI Makeover Your Beloved Assistant Craved 

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With Microsoft and Google making significant strides in the Generative AI space, Amazon decided to open a new chapter for the digital assisstant. Welcome home, Alexa 2.0 In Arlington, Virginia, Amazon executives met on Wednesday during their fall event. The focus of the meeting was how to better the company’s long-term investments in artificial intelligence […]

Your New Instagram Feature Has More Holes Than a Swiss Cheese 

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Hear me, hear me, as I bring great news to application dependent users. Instagram has released a new feature, 'Appointments on Instagram'

Both Co-founders Are Parents of Children with Type 1 Diabetes 

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Maker of smart insulin pen caps and a leader in diabetes technology and is being bought by longtime business partner Abbot Laboratories.