Clash of Russian Tech in Ukraine

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It boiled down to the 20th of February 2014 which marks the beginning of the Russian-Ukrainian War. It also demonstrated what electronic warfare technology could do. The most disruptive conflict to affect Europe since 1945 is Russia’s war in Ukraine. While many in the West view Russian President Vladimir Putin‘s war as his own, he, on the other hand, claims that NATO’s 2008 decision to support eventual Ukrainian membership posed an existential threat to Russia’s borders. Still, others link the conflict to the end of the Cold War and the West’s inadequate support for Russia following the fall of the Soviet Union.  

Putin states that he wants to restore what is known to him to be “Russian world.” This led to the planning of the war that was executed on Ukraine by Russia using sate-of-the-art electronic warfare technology.  

Many of the nations that have imposed sanctions on Russia because of the war in Ukraine must move quickly to cut off the country’s supply of technology for its electronic warfare campaign. Key Russian companies involved in the development and manufacture of electronic military equipment are identified in the dossier that Ukraine assembled and distributed to the main sanctioning nations. It claims that some of the companies involved have not yet received sanctions from the UK or other nations. It claims that some of the cutting-edge electronic warfare equipment used in the fighting contains technology manufactured by British companies, and it calls for stronger measures to prevent the use of foreign parts. 

The war involved a mix of complex weapons such as military equipment, unseen tactics, and support from foreign nations.  

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