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The birth of Britain's first baby with DNA from three individuals marks a significant milestone in IVF procedures and genetic interventions.

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A Spanish 4-armed surgical robot performed the world’s first fully robotic lung transplant, forever changing healthcare.

Medical AI

Out of all the technological advancements I’ve researched, artificial intelligence (AI) remains my favorite. Seconded by quantum computing, the supercomputer’s jacked cousin. You see, AI and all it entails are a complex network so versatile it fits in literally every industry, including telecommunications and connectivity, law and politics,  and even in the coffee industry. Meet […]

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In an ideal world, You, Elon Musk, and I would have an equal fighting chance. We would have equal access to healthcare, opportunities, luxuries, etc. Unfortunately, the reality is far harsher than that. Access to necessities widely differs based on governmental wealth, generational wealth, and other factors. As a result, Kim Kardashian can buy herself […]

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Throughout history, humans have managed to circumvent long and tedious processes. Henry Ford’s moving assembly line was a quantum leap in manufacturing, so to speak. And in the age of digital advancements, it is no different. The latest concept proposed is quantum computing (QC) based on quantum physics. In layperson’s terms, this type of computing […]

Top 10 Assisstive Technologies

The world is moving towards inclusivity, be it including historically marginalized groups or adapting the world to the needs of people with health conditions or impairments. Humanity has tried to make the world accessible since the dawn of technology, starting in the early 1800s with the development of Braille, a universal reading and writing system […]

It often happens while I’m scrolling on social media, an ad for a magically fat loss product pop out of nowhere. I assume you’re nodding and saying, “I know, right? it happened to me, too as well.” Social media can enter our minds and trigger any mental illness or insecurity. The use of photoshopped images […]

Recently, AI-related headlines have been mainly along the lines of how the technology will steal our jobs and make our lives difficult. And not to play the devil’s advocate, but aren’t we missing the bigger picture here? Artificial intelligence is much more than what mainstream media is having you believe. In fact, it could be […]