Women-Led Startup Aids Diabetics Through AI 

An Egyptian entrepreneur enters the field of diabetes with AI-powered health technology in the Arab region.  

An Egyptian entrepreneur enters the field of diabetes with AI-powered health technology in the Arab region.  

Dr. Noha Khater is an entrepreneur and an ophthalmologist who has always fought against all odds. Despite the fact that she was discouraged, she chose to specialize in the retina in Egypt, a male dominated field. “Somebody told me I can’t do it,” she recalls. 

How It All Began 

After witnessing the impact of poor diabetes control on eye health during her stay in America, Dr. Khater along with her associate Rania Kadry started Almouneer in 2017. Almouneer uses technology to ensure better treatment outcomes for diabetic patients through AI-based clinics initially focused on Egypt. “We developed our own software so it’s a completely electronic medical record practice management system,” explains Khater. 

Disrupting Diabetes Care 

Almouneer’s flagship product Dru app enables patients to download their medical records as well as other pertinent information such as their blood sugar level or blood pressure. The application also provides medication reminders and a 24/7 helpline for appointment scheduling purposes. Subscriptions begin at $2 per month and users are entitled to discounted charges on lab services and radiology reports. Currently, Almouneer serves over 200,000 patients and partners with more than 70 providers. 

AI in Healthcare 

Almouneer has been designed with AI at the center stage using it to manage and analyze patients’ data. “AI will help us scale, serve more patients, and take the right decisions,” Khater said. There is now 70% patient lifestyle improvement and a 60% vision maintenance through AI-driven personalized care by the company. 

Data Privacy and Security 

Almouneer recognizes data privacy and security as important aspects that should be given priority. To comply with privacy regulations, the company has invested in a data team. “Better service to our clients depends on this starting with lifestyle management and awareness” emphasizes Khater. 

Looking to the Future 

 Almouneer plans to expand into Saudi Arabia and the UAE, leveraging AI to meet the growing demand for diabetes care. The startup is preparing for a Series A funding round, aiming to raise at least $10 million. Dr. Khater envisions Almouneer as the top lifestyle management app, emphasizing prevention and proper lifestyle management to combat diabetes. “My vision for the company is to become the number one lifestyle management app for any human being,” she says. 

Final Thoughts  

Dr. Noha Khater’s journey from facing doubt to transforming diabetes care in Egypt with AI is truly inspiring. As technology grows, using AI-powered healthcare can greatly improve patient care. However, concerns about data privacy remind us to be careful about how we use and protect our personal information. Whether we adopt AI or go back to simpler devices, the main goal should be to empower people and improve their health. 

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