Artificial Intelligence

small and micro businesses

Thriving as a business in this dog-eat-dog world is a herculean task. And business owners are left using every opportunity to one-up other businesses and try to compete with the big companies. Additionally, Small and micro-sized enterprises have to integrate the latest innovation into their business model, or else risk being left behind in the […]

quantum computing technology

Quantum computing technology is truly a masterpiece although it is not yet mature. I’ve already sung its praise: the benefits it brings to the table, the advantage it gives the telecom industry, and the radical revolution it will incite in the medical field. But it’s time to bring the expectations back to earth as there […]

Significant Issue

ChatGPT-owner OpenAI said on Wednesday it had fixed a bug that caused a “significant issue” of a small set of users being able to see the titles of others’ conversation history with the viral chatbot. As a result of the fix, users will not be able to access their chat history between 1 am PDT […]

search battle with Google

The integration of OpenAI’s technology into Microsoft-owned Bing has driven people to the little-used search engine and helped it compete better with market leader Google in page visits growth, according to data from analytics firm Similarweb. Page visits on Bing have risen 15.8% since Microsoft Corp unveiled its artificial intelligence-powered version on Feb. 7, compared […]

Biotech AI Startup

Unlearn.AI, which has built a machine learning platform that creates “digital twin” profiles of patients in clinical trials, has raised $15 million to expand partnerships and accelerate regulatory approval, the company told Reuters on Tuesday. The investment from Radical Ventures and Wittington Ventures valued the startup at $265 million, the company said. Mira Murati, chief […]

Patent 'inventor

A computer scientist who has waged a global campaign for patents covering inventions conceived by his artificial intelligence system asked the U.S. Supreme Court on Friday to hear his case. Stephen Thaler petitioned the high court to review an appeals court’s decision that patents can only be issued to human inventors and that his AI […]

Generative AI

Generative artificial intelligence has become a buzzword this year, capturing the public’s fancy and sparking a rush among Microsoft and Alphabet to launch products with technology they believe will change the nature of work. Here is everything you need to know about this technology. WHAT IS GENERATIVE AI? Like other forms of artificial intelligence, generative […]

inhuman resources

Human Resources. They must uphold company policy to create a pleasant and productive work environment. Frequently, especially in big corporations, HR has its hands full. But what if there was a chatbot to lend a helping hand? But NOT with hiring people. We all saw how that went, and suffice it to say, YIKES! With […]