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Google has become a major player in integrating AI and automation in healthcare with its AI-powered solutions.

The University of Exeter in Devon, England, has been developing smart sock technology. This is to help those who suffer from dementia. These socks collect data from the wearer, which is then sent by wifi to an app. Whoever has the app can see real time data which includes heart rate, temperature, sweat rates and […]

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New in protein science, scientists at the University of Washington integrated AI to design proteins with dynamic structures.

I’ve come to understand and respect the anxieties felt by women concerning breast cancer examinations. First, the very reason they’re having the examination. Second, the harmful levels of radiation the mammogram will expose their bodies to, during the test. Third, the accuracy of the test itself. In a report published in The Lancet Journal on […]

Population Implosion is the World’s Next Big Crisis You can talk about South Korea, Finland, Japan, France and Australia becoming increasingly infertile and people will nod their heads sagely. You can throw up a lot of facts about why testosterone is shriveling in this age of information, and men will avert their eyes and women […]

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Researchers from Florida Atlantic University (FAU) have developed a groundbreaking soft robotic glove for stroke survivors.

AI in medtech

Have you ever wondered how artificial intelligence (AI) algorithms are shaping the field of medical technology? Trust me, the advancements are incredible, but as a curious mind, I thought about it: How do we ensure these algorithms uphold ethical standards and prioritize patient safety? Well, my friend, the answer lies in transparency and accountability. In […]

UAE and UN launch 20kg satellite to revolutionize space access for start-ups and nations, marking a significant milestone in their joint initiative.  In a groundbreaking collaboration, the United Arab Emirates (UAE) and the United Nations (UN) are set to launch a 20kg satellite, marking a significant milestone in their joint initiative to provide access to […]