Ravi Kumar Palepu

SVP & Global Solutions Head, Telecom Practice, Virtusa Corporation Ravi Kumar Palepu has more than 20 years of technology experience driving digital transformations for various communication service providers. In this role with Virtusa, Palepu leads the technology council for Telecom across numerous locations, develops best practices, and drives domain and technical competency for Telecom accounts. He has also initiated key operations as a part of Global Technology Office (GTO) leadership and plays a vital role in filling the void between the GTO and global Telecom accounts.

Telco Industry Embraces MarTech Transformation to Win Over Consumers

Telco Industry Embraces MarTech

Since the late 1970s, a new generational wireless network has evolved and revolutionized communications approximately every ten years. The launch of 1G in Japan in 1979 enabled the first commercially available cellphones from Motorola; 3G came with the ability to surf the internet; and 5G, launched initially in South Korea in 2019—although not yet available […]

Going Virtual: Transforming the Telecom Customer Retail Experience

If world events over the past couple of years taught (and continue to teach) the business world anything, it’s that people can absolutely work and abundantly shop the telecom space from the comforts of home. On top of that, they’ve made it quite clear that they will continue doing both at an accelerated pace, especially […]

Introducing the 5G Workforce

It’s been a long time since a technology breakthrough generated as much anticipation and fanfare as 5G. Buzz around it has been building for some time and with good reason: 5G will fuel an economic and social revolution that disrupts how companies operate while opening-up incredible new opportunities for those who have the talent to […]

Endless opportunities at the Intelligent Edge

intelligent edge

In the past 24 months we’ve seen Artificial Intelligence (AI) go mainstream with consumers and enterprises. Today you can find AI in automobiles, appliances, wearables, speakers, buildings, industrial systems, and just about everything in between.  These advancements are truly remarkable, and yet we have an insatiable appetite for even better and faster technologies. As more […]

Fourteen services for CSPs to look for in an open marketplace

12 services for CSPs to look for in an open marketplace

“Open” and “Innovation” unfortunately have been transformed into widely used buzzwords that are likely to generate eye rolls from Communications Service providers (CSPs) who are repeatedly bombarded with marketing messages that are hard to decipher. Open and Innovation in name alone do not address the challenges and opportunities CPSs face every day. According on one […]