Artur Ostrowski

Artur has many years of management and sales experience in the international telecommunications industry. Prior to joining Enxoo, Artur was CCO at T-Mobile, responsible for the B2B market in Poland. He also held positions at GTS Central Europe including Senior Vice President of Infrastructure Services, Head of Marketing and Head of International Wholesale.

The Carrier Innovation Gap: Unifying Infrastructure & Customer Experience

Despite digital transformation efforts, carriers are still operating as if infrastructure and customer experience aren’t part of the same journey. Traditional carrier operational models have silos that make it difficult to automate, accelerate, and simplify how customers buy their services. They have to step back and look at the customer experience they are delivering first, […]

API-First : Automating and Accelerating Carrier-to-Carrier Interconnection

Network-centric businesses across the globe are adapting how they consume connectivity and transforming the way their partners interconnect and grow through network Application Programming Interfaces (APIs). Control is being placed back into their hands allowing them to create a solid foundation for faster, more agile and friction-free networking models that no longer limit innovation. Legacy […]