How Israel’s GPS Disruption Could Affect You

A recent report on how the Israeli military’s deployment of GPS-disruptive technology in southern Lebanon is affecting the civilian population is interesting, but just barely scratching the surface. Interesting because a sector you wouldn’t even dream of being disrupted is being severely tested; the fishing industry. GPS tells fishermen where the fish are, literally. So […]

How to Ensure Your Brand isn’t an Endangered Species

Consumers have been fed a steady diet of sustainability messages for the last 20 years, at least in developed markets. And now this is becoming built-in to the choices we make when buying or remaining loyal to a brand. But our parameters for purchasing are becoming ever more demanding, particularly because of our increasing appreciation […]

MyMonty: The New Era of Banking

Where Potential Shows, Investment Flows In a time when everything is going mobile, and people are seeking seamless ways to manage their finances, MyMonty emerges as a digital wallet and neo bank, ready to redefine the financial landscape as a reliable alternative, offering accessibility, convenience, and a renewed sense of consumer financial empowerment. Within modern finance, the landscape of transactions and […]

Lebanon’s Cabinet Reverses Decision to Delay Daylight’s Savings

Lebanon’s caretaker prime minister said the cabinet had voted to move clocks one hour ahead on Wednesday night, reversing his decision to postpone the move to daylight savings by a month that had sparked uproar across the country. Caretaker Prime Minister Najib Mikati said the decision had been taken after a “calm discussion”. Mikati triggered […]

Jocelyn Chahwan: A Champion of Brainpower, Not Fempower

Honestly, I wasn’t sure I was the right person for this interview. The article we had in mind was about a successful female banking executive in what is generally still perceived as an old boy’s club. A triumph of gender balance against the odds. Punching a hole through the glass ceiling. A woman who flew […]