Lebanon's Crisis

At a time when all of Lebanon’s public sector face a detrimental crisis, one state telecom service provider, Ogero, is facing turmoil from within its walls. An open-ended strike has been declared by employees in an attempt to pressure the establishment to give them what is rightfully theirs, better wages, as Lebanon and its people […]

Mountasser Hachem

Due to our success in marking our presence as one of the leading media outlets covering the tech industry, highlighting its rises and dives, we are pleased to announce the release of Inside Telecom Magazine Issue 1. In our first issue, we concentrated on the ascend of the GCC and the Gulf regions as they […]


When a country suffers from its worst ever economic crisis, initiatives pour in to bring it out of the brinks of total collapse. Financial assistance, humanitarian aid, and increasing solidarity within the community are typical avenues to alleviate the significant sequels of the crisis. As Lebanon has been going through its darkest years, with an […]

After waiting at least six months since it proposed to buy Telenor’s Myanmar unit while the government searched for a local buyer, M1 Group will partner with a Myanmar firm, allowing Telenor to leave the country.   Telenor uncovered plans in July to sell its operations in Myanmar to M1 for $105 million. However, it’s not clear whether […]

TSF intervene aiming to provide reliable communications following Beirut explosion

Following the Beirut explosion that devastated the city on August 4, 2020, Télécoms Sans Frontières (TSF) has deployed telecoms infrastructure that has supported 872 families in Beirut. In response to the critical situation, TSF has deployed a team to Beirut in collaboration with the United Nations Disaster Assessment and Coordination teams and the United Nations […]

Videotron suspends international calls charges after Beirut explosion

Lebanese citizens living in Canada will not have to worry about long-distance call charges. On August 6, 2020, Videotron, a Canadian communications company announced in a press release that it has suspended charges for calls from Canada to Lebanon until August 23, 2020. This move came to allow Videotron customers to reach out to their friends and family after the […]