How to Turn Air into Water and Other African Technologies

The imminent threat of AI going rogue. Weaponry with freshly demonic kill power. Untrammelled illegal data collection. Wouldn’t it be nice to draw a line through 2023, and sigh with relief that it’s over? Well, the number of bad tech thresholds we crossed last year rules that out. Tightly fastened seatbelts would seem to be […]

MyMonty: The New Era of Banking

Where Potential Shows, Investment Flows In a time when everything is going mobile, and people are seeking seamless ways to manage their finances, MyMonty emerges as a digital wallet and neo bank, ready to redefine the financial landscape as a reliable alternative, offering accessibility, convenience, and a renewed sense of consumer financial empowerment. Within modern finance, the landscape of transactions and […]

The USA Is Crashing China’s African Expedition

China is building foundations in Africa for almost 50 years now. More than a decade after China began extending its economic and political relations with countries throughout the continent, the Biden administration is pushing hard for American corporations to invest in Africa despite their challenges.   China Is Clearly a Bigger Economic Player in Africa  China […]

US-China Rivalry in Africa Is Fueled by Technology

The US-China rivalry in Africa and the impact of digitalization on their competition are intensifying. With the growing importance of technology in Africa, both countries have been intensifying their efforts to gain influence on the continent. Digitalization has become a major force in shaping global politics, including the US-China rivalry in Africa. As the two […]