Applied Tech

How to Turn Air into Water and Other African Technologies

The imminent threat of AI going rogue. Weaponry with freshly demonic kill power. Untrammelled illegal data collection. Wouldn’t it be nice to draw a line through 2023, and sigh with relief that it’s over? Well, the number of bad tech thresholds we crossed last year rules that out. Tightly fastened seatbelts would seem to be […]

C’mon Nike, Talk to the Construction Industry. Just do it!

Nike Out-thinks its Competitors Again Iconic sportswear brand Nike has just unveiled a ventilation system to keep athletes cool. It’s called Aerogami and it works according to each wearer’s level of workout at the time. I’m sorry but my thesaurus hasn’t given me a better alternative to describe this tech. So I’m going to have […]

Jobs You Think are Safe from AI but Aren’t

Part One I’ve been browsing for a while now about jobs at risk of being taken over by AI. Not because I’m a sado-masochist (excuse me, my therapist frequently assures me I’m not). But because I want to see if the list changes as AI becomes more powerful. You know, it was only this time […]

Virgin Hyperloop: An Open Letter to Tom Cruise

Dear Tom We’ve held our breath while you cavorted around the world’s tallest structure, Dubai’s mighty Burj Khalifa. We searched for any trickery involved when you hung on to the exterior of an Airbus military carrier in flight. Searched in vain, I might add, it turns out you were really hanging on. No green screen […]