How To Get a Good Feel with a Great Flight Deal Using This Latest TikTok Hack  

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Did you know that there aren’t only hacks for GTA but there’s also cheap airfare hacks? Now that Thanksgiving & Christmas are around the corner you must continue to read. Ha Ha Ha! 

An incredible Google airlines trick that has gone viral on TikTok has amazed seasoned travelers. 

A travel influencer shared a video explaining how she recently learned a little-known Google “cheat code” for locating the most affordable flights anywhere in the globe. 

The video has received 4 million views and more than 201,000 “saves” from viewers who intend to try the cheap airfare hack in the first day since it was posted 

The British influencer who goes by the TikTok handle ‘Around the Atlas’ asked her followers if she discovered the traveling hack or was it always there.  

She instructed people to type in the Google search bar ‘Google Flights.’ 

“When you are in, type in the destination you are leaving from.” 

In this case of the influencer, it was London. She began by telling us that the first step is to type ‘anywhere’ in the space that asks about your destination. 

She continues to add, “Leave departure and return dates blank and hit explore.” 

As she films her laptop screen, it appeared that there were a bunch of destinations that had the cheapest airfares.  

She kept stating if people had any clue regarding this cheap airfare hack or whether they are gatekeeping it.  

“So literally, it gives you flight prices for ridiculous prices (like) £26 ($31) return to Barcelona (from London) and £54 ($65) to Budapest. 

“There’s even long-haul flights to the US, like £336 ($408) to fly to New York.” 

She emphasized that you must fly between specific dates, but she was still amazed by how inexpensive some of the flights were, especially to distant places. 

Others said that while they were aware of Google Flights, they were unaware of the “anywhere hack.” 

One of the people watching the videos commented “I travel a lot and always use google flights. didn’t know this ‘to anywhere’ though, thanks.” 

A second person added that while using incognito mode the flights will become cheaper. 

The third person said that he or she flew from London to Cologne for just $10 at midnight using incognito mode. 

Even though it is cheap, but some travelers pointed out that there it’s not always convenient with timings. 

Google Flights may now also inform you when to schedule a vacation for the lowest price. 

The new search capability provides information on whether prices are exorbitant or discounted based on its “reliable trend data”. 

“For example, these insights could tell you that the cheapest time to book similar trips is usually two months before departure, and you’re currently in that sweet spot,” Google wrote on its blog. 

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