What Interested You Most in 2023

So we had a look at our 50 most popular articles of 2023. We think we’re getting to know you and what you like to read but when we looked at the numbers, there were quite a few surprises. Love that, by the way. And we hope you continue to surprise us in 2024. The […]

MyMonty: The New Era of Banking

Where Potential Shows, Investment Flows In a time when everything is going mobile, and people are seeking seamless ways to manage their finances, MyMonty emerges as a digital wallet and neo bank, ready to redefine the financial landscape as a reliable alternative, offering accessibility, convenience, and a renewed sense of consumer financial empowerment. Within modern finance, the landscape of transactions and […]

MyMonty: A Banking Arm for the Underserved

“MyMonty is a life project. Building a bank is a very complex endeavor. It will become the flagship of the Monty Finance brand. This means added responsibility while focusing on the team’s passion and accepting challenges wholeheartedly,” Cesar Jabr, Deputy CEO, Monty Holding What is MyMonty’s scope of activity? The financial company’s sole focus is […]

Charles Matta: A Testimony of Discipline

From the firm belief in delivering equal opportunities, inclusivity, commitment, and conscientious work ethics birthed a rising financial technology (Fintech) company, MyMonty. The idea of the company stems from the fundamental core philosophy of equality and delivering on the promise of offering everyone basic banking and financial services. Executive Vice President (EVP) of MyMonty, Charles […]

MyMonty - To All Banks, Let Us Digitize You!

In 1998, Mountasser Hachem founded Monty Holding, which has since become a giant in the telco sector, achieving unprecedented global penetration. His first go-to-market company was Monty Mobile, adapting various cutting-edge technologies to provide 4G and 5G wireless solutions and value added services, Messaging, Omnichannel, eSIM, and many other solutions which have been greeted enthusiastically […]