What Interested You Most in 2023

So we had a look at our 50 most popular articles of 2023. We think we’re getting to know you and what you like to read but when we looked at the numbers, there were quite a few surprises. Love that, by the way. And we hope you continue to surprise us in 2024.

The most popular subject in 2023 was, as the featured picture suggests, Apple. Whatever we wrote about Apple, you consumed it. iPhone news was the main event, with security tips featuring heavily and a new model launch. iOS17 news was also way up there, too, as you’d expect. But your taste and appetite for anything connected with the tech giant was pretty much insatiable.

Next was X (please can we stop writing ‘formerly known as Twitter’ now?). And wherever X is mentioned, Elon is sure to follow. But strangely, nothing with the word Musk in the headline made it into the top 50. We know that the media only has to drop the M bomb and whole world loses its mind. Perhaps our readership figures suggest we’ve cornered the market on the only sane techies left. (If that doesn’t sound like the final season of The Last of Us, nothing does!).

No prizes for guessing what came next. AI, of course. The truth is that over 50% of the thousands of articles we published this year referenced AI. So the bronze award for aggregate readership goes to stories with AI featuring in the headline.

We had some interesting spikes on individual articles in 2023 which deserve a mention. For example an article featuring a radical new banking system which will not only sort out Lebanon’s dire financial institution woes, but also create a global model for the new era of banking in general. This came from our colleagues at MyMonty. And when we drew our own conclusions about the application of tech in Hamas’ initial incursion into Israel, well, that was a spike that took us all by surprise.

What also took us by surprise was the lack of Zuckerberg in the titles of the top 50. Surprised, and a little relieved too. While we acknowledge that he is a newsmaker, I think it’s safe to say we’re all a bit zuckered-out by now.

We could go on, but that would be at the risk of this article being just a touch self-serving.  So let me end it right here by wishing you a safe and happy new year, and to thank you all for pausing  a while from ‘the perpetual browse’ to read our stuff in 2023.

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