While they aren’t the first to do so, Apple’s eSIM-only iPhone announcement is certainly the most significant to date. And as a historical trendsetter among telecoms original equipment manufacturers (OEM), this decision will undoubtedly spark a seismic shift in how service providers (SPs) onboard customers. So how will the Esam shift impact the market? Here, […]

iOS 16.0.3

Owned by Apple, Apple iOS is a mobile operating system that runs on iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch. Since its inception in 2017, Apple has provided regular updates that introduced new features. The most recent software, iOS 16, was brought to consumers in September of 2022. This update, however, was not without issues. The programmers […]

eSim in iPhone

Apple launched the iPhone 14 series with a shocking revelation that the pro models would be eSim only. This furthers the commitment of Apple to a greener approach and a more eco-friendly manufacturing process. eSim in iPhone was inevitable, but some might think it’s too soon for an eSim-only iPhone. Others welcome the green and new […]

iOS 16 New Features 

  The rollout of the eagerly anticipated iPhone series is here. Apple is preparing its users for the transition by releasing the newest iOS 16. It might be the most exciting iOS update Apple has ever given us. Loads of new features, soon to be iconic and most probably copied by various phone manufacturers. Here […]

Nothing Phone

Recently a new name got introduced in the smartphone world. The Nothing phone has garnered some fame among tech enthusiasts. The Nothing phone took the world by storm with its design and introduction to the Glyph on its back. Just in case you didn’t catch the news about this phone, here is an overview of […]

Invites for Sept 7 Event

Apple Inc on Wednesday sent media invitations to a Sept. 7 event when analysts expect the company to unveil new iPhones, a week earlier than its traditional autumn event. If Apple follows its pattern of shipping devices about a week and a half after it unveils them, it could add two weeks of iPhone sales […]

The iPhone 13 is Apple’s current flagship waiting to be dethroned in a few months with the imminent announcement of the iPhone 14. Apple’s products have long been touted for the seamless integration of hardware, software, and the unique ecosystem this unison creates. The flagship has been gaining additional features and customization possibilities with each […]