Online Privacy

Our conscious decisions to share personal information online pose a greater risk to our online privacy and security than the technology itself.  It was a beautiful summer day, and I was happily scrolling through my social media feed, sharing updates about my life with friends and family. Little did I know that my seemingly innocent […]

The Internet of Things (IoT) revolutionizes lives by connecting objects, collecting data, and enhancing automation.  What do we mean by things? A sofa, or a table, or a wall, or maybe a refrigerator…I know there are a lot of questions in your head. But before I give you answers, I want you to scroll into […]

Lebanon’s telecommunication public sector faces challenges of corruption and inadequate investment, while the private sector, led by companies like Alfa and Touch, drives technological advancement. Lebanon is a small country with a rich history and diverse culture. The telecommunications industry is an important aspect of its economic and social development, but it has been facing […]

The AR menu experience transformed the physical menu into a vibrant virtual world, offering detailed visuals, interactive elements, and behind-the-scenes videos that enhanced my dining experience.  On the plate, there was a perfectly cooked piece of fish that was crispy on the outside and soft on the inside. It was served with fresh and crunchy […]

When I was a child, I always wondered why our hands look like that. Why is everything designed so perfectly for a human to be able to eat, walk, work, write, laugh…etc. I always had a question in my mind about human evolution, will we evolve and change? I wanted answers, so I started to […]

As the world becomes increasingly complex and interconnected, it’s impossible to ignore the role that private companies and investors play in shaping military power and geopolitical influence. While governments and militaries have traditionally been at the forefront of defense and security, the power of private investments in these areas should not be underestimated. Private companies, […]

ChatGPT in job tasks: enhanced customer support, efficient automation, personalized recommendations, and streamlined training. As a tech enthusiast and avid explorer of innovative solutions, I was instantly drawn to explore the boundless possibilities that ChatGPT in job tasks brings to the table. Trust me when I say that this is a game-changer, it’s like having […]

Meta’s AI technology strives to replicate human perception and emotions. Have we reached the future, where AI technology not only comprehends the objective aspects of our reality but also captures the intricate nuances of our subjective experiences? Or is there still more to come? Meta’s AI technology is pushing the boundaries of perception replication. Can […]