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MyMonty - To All Banks, Let Us Digitize You!

In 1998, Mountasser Hachem founded Monty Holding, which has since become a giant in the telco sector, achieving unprecedented global penetration. His first go-to-market company was Monty Mobile, adapting various cutting-edge technologies to provide 4G and 5G wireless solutions and value added services, Messaging, Omnichannel, eSIM, and many other solutions which have been greeted enthusiastically […]

Monty Mobile’s Messaging Communication Platform: Elevating Customer Engagement

Always seeking to deliver exceptional value and enhance customer experience, Monty Mobile is providing the ultimate messaging communication platform allowing businesses to stay connected with their audiences. With one single platform, you will be able to communicate worldwide through 20+channels, which will help you scale your business, increase your profits and gain customer loyalty, all […]

Improving Data Sharing with Blockchain

Blockchain Revolutionizing Data Sharing In the era of big data and artificial intelligence, sharing data is inevitable and even a prerequisite for business innovations and scientific breakthroughs. Yet, concern over data privacy is growing by the day as we lack of secure data-sharing solutions. Meanwhile, decentralized data-sharing platforms, mainly Blockchain, are being leveraged to add […]

Monty Mobile Tapping Into the 5G Space

At a time when technology evolves at a breakneck speed, 5G is already on its way to transforming industries, promising further improvements and more potential with its ultra-low latency and high speed, thus providing operators and others with more accessible ways to invest in innovative revenue-generating opportunities. Monty Mobile is currently working with its partners […]

Monty Mobile's Messaging Communication Platform

Set Your Business in Motion In times where customers’ needs evolve at breakneck speed, recent studies have shown that leveraging multiple channels is a real game changer especially when incorporated into marketing strategies. In fact, by allowing businesses to manage marketing campaigns and communication in any situation and across multiple mediums, you open up a […]